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How To Salvage Batista’s WWE Comeback

When I found out Batista was retuning, I was interested but I’ll be honest in saying that I wasn’t hyped up. Have I been surprised about the fans reaction by him? Not really, his return ended up coinciding with Daniel Bryan regaining momentum following the Wyatt Family angle.

[adinserter block=”1″]I presume that the WWE thought Batista was held in the same regard as Rock or Lesnar or even a part-timer like Undertaker. Did I think his run would go get this badly to the point in-which Del Rio would be cheered over him? That surprised me, so it seems like this might be Vince’s worst signing in a long time. Tom Clark speculated if Batista’s run could be salvaged and I have the answer.


Embrace the DoucheTista and put him with Daniel Bryan.

On Friday’s Smackdown, it seems like they’re slowly turning the wheels on turning Batista and I say keep it going until WrestleMania. Have him with the title at WrestleMania and have Bryan bring the Authority to its knees with a Knee That Beat Cena to Hunter’s nose. The next night in front of what will probably be a super smark crowd, have Bryan open the show. He cuts a promo going over all the times he has been screwed and now he can focus on getting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. Cue Batista’s theme as he soaks in the hate as walks to the ring. He seems rather happy to be hearing the hatred from the card.

From there, Batista cuts a promo that starts off complimentary of Bryan, praising his accomplishments and everything he has done. Then, when they think that Batista is shining a light to Bryan, then he sticks the knife into his back. Batista starts ripping into Bryan, saying that he couldn’t last in his time and that Batista would tear him apart. Batista says that they would have laughed at such a tiny guy trying to rub shoulders with a guy like himself. Batista is actually sick to his stomach that he has to share a ring with this little bastard on a weekly basis. Batista delivers an ultimatum to Bryan: Stay out of his way or pay the consequences. In one promo, Batista becomes the top heel in the company for looking down his nose at Bryan. The fans don’t like Gracie Jiu Jitsu tights? Have him wear all the time and have him talk up his MMA skills. Have him get all creepy and hit on Brie, bring back the Batista that people actually liked. He is charter member of the “Never Turn Face Again Club”, the creme de la creme of douchebaggery, Batista.

Heck, show the fan cam footage of Batista mocking the yes chants after the Rumble to play up the rivalry between the two. Batista expected to come back with open arms and he was shunned for this guy? Some scraggly little guy with a beard and long hair who leads a bunch of fat neck beards in a chant? Batista wants to tear him apart as an example to everybody else in the company. Bryan can counter bringing up that he’s taken out his Evolution buddies Hunter and Randy along with the guy that ran Batista out of the WWE, John Cena. With the Authority out of the way, there is nobody preventing him from getting that belt.

It’s the same idea that the company had for the Cena vs Bryan feud. You have that guy who has fought for everything in his career and put him against the golden boy. In this case, the golden boy isn’t somebody that the IWC has begrudgingly accepted as good like Cena, its Batista. This is the guy who was bestowed as a future star of the company from the moment he joined Evolution. The guy who spent the last few years ripping the company for going PG and going after the guys like Bryan who replaced him. While PPV may have gone the way of the dodo bird, you still need to get people to watch the events. Why not match the real top bad guy of the company against the top face in the company?

[adinserter block=”2″]Bryan vs Batista is a feud that the fans can get behind and I say why not embrace the hate? I think that heel Batista has a lot more upside than face Batista. Bryan is the perfect foil for a heel Batista, everything that Batista isn’t. Do this and you’ll get those fans who swore off watching the show for the 687th time. This is Robert Goeman playing Robert Goeman, have a good evening.

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Robert Goeman
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  1. Your idea to salvage Batista isn’t a bad one by any means. He’s getting real heat right now and WWE needs to figure out how to turn that into heel heat.

    But that being said, none of it matters if Batista can’t find his way around the ring. His ring work has been horrendous thus far and just about any other wrestler would have been sat down for a couple of months to work on his conditioning before being on TV again. The man looks like he’s never been in the ring before.


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