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Salt 2: Is the Angelina Jolie’s Action Sequel Happening?

Salt was released in 2010 at the perfect time, as it came shortly after the reveal of real Russian Sleeper agents in the “Illegals Program”. As for the fans, they highly cherished it as the movie did more justice to the concept related to the darkness attached to being a spy as compared to other Hollywood movies.

The movie was nearly perfect with a great lead and a great story to back it up. And the fans couldn’t get enough of it. Angelina Jolie did a great job in portraying the character of a fallen agent and she almost ended up establishing a franchise of her own. But the reality was that the sequel of the movie never came out. So, what happened after the great success of Salt, and is there a sequel coming?

Here’s everything we know about it so far:

What is ‘Salt’ About?

The story of Salt follows the CIA agent named, Evelyn Salt who has to go on the run to prove her innocence after she was accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. However, going on the run only ended up making her look more suspicious.

At first, the movie was supposed to be a male lead story and was going to feature Tom Cruise as the male lead Edwin Salt. But about a year after the movie began production, the script was changed to fit Angelina Jolie as a female protagonist instead. The blockbuster spy-thriller action film was finally released in 2010.

The film was met with a positive response from viewers all over the world, collecting a worldwide total amount of $293.5 million.

Salt 2 Has Been Hinted Since 2010

Soon after its release, Philip Noyce, the director of the movie hinted at a possible sequel to the movie and said: “Hopefully within a couple of years, we’ll have another one. Angelina’s so great in this part. When audiences see the movie, they’re going to feel like it’s only just the beginning”.

He also hinted that there could be possible series of films that further explore the character of Evelyn Salt. But later, Noyce retreated from his statement and said that he was working on other projects and will not be participating in the further development of a sequel.

Will There Be a Salt 2?

The release of Salt was a massive success and it opened the door to a bright future for the franchise to possible sequels in the future. However, no sequel was ever confirmed officially. There was also news that the script for Salt 2 was developed however, Angelina rejected it.

And as time passed, the news about a sequel kept on fading and even the production company’s interest faded because the public lost interest as well. The future for a sequel looks bleak and no official announcement about a sequel has been made to date.



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