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Why Ryback Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

For months and months, we have witnessed a huge rise in WWE, the rise of Ryback. Ryback is the future of WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]Despite the big losses Ryback suffered earlier in the year or late last year, he has still remained positively over with the WWE fans that go to the shows each week, and is getting the same “Feed Me More” chants whenever he steps foot in the ring, this is a good sign especially considering all the amount of losses he suffered to CM Punk, one would think this would hurt his momentum but in fact, what it has done is make him stronger.

There’s proof of this as on the 4/15/13 edition of Monday Night RAW, Ryback explained his story perfectly and told the world exactly how he’s felt all of these months, it made sense and he couldn’t have put the pieces together more perfectly, this was the most proper way to recover from all the beat-downs and incorrect treatment of the Ryback character all of these months, the perfect way for him to bounce back and jump back into the main event fold. If I were Ryback, I wouldn’t be more pleased with the timing and positioning im in right now.

Why do I say that you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. With no one left to be in the mix with John Cena as far as competition goes, (Punk rumored to take time off, Rock dealing with an injury) Ryback is going to take advantage of this situation and make it beneficial to him to make sure he remains on top, the guy has a bright future and may even steal the thunder from other top main event guys in the company such as Sheamus and Randy Orton, that’s how dangerous and threatening he has gotten. Orton’s stock has declined to an all-time low over the months and Sheamus stock has as well. Ryback is simply evolving, which makes him a force no one will soon be able to stop.

The other side of the story is the fact that he can play both an amazing unstoppable villain, and an amazing unstoppable super-hero, either side suits him perfectly and not many stars in WWE can pull off both, but Ryback can. Which makes him that much more impressive. Fans are still confused on whether or not the guy’s heel, which is good, keeps us interested, keeps things fresh for Ryback.

[adinserter block=”2″]Many will say he lacks mic skills but I think you need to re-watch the segment from last night where he was backstage, it was done perfectly, so make that another factor as to why this guy is talented and you have the whole package in Ryback, has all the tools needed to survive in the jungle and conquer including the body-build, the look, and intensity. He’ll be around for a long time.

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