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Ryback Must Beat CM Punk At WWE Hell In A Cell 2012

WWE creative is faced with a fascinating decision. Ryback vs. CM Punk will take center stage at Hell in a Cell 2012 and creative will have a choice of continuing one streak and ending another. The answer has become one of the hottest wrestling debates since Money in the Bank 2011.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ryback vs. Punk is without a doubt one of the most intriguing WWE matches in recent memory. Ryback has the fantastic fortune of being in the right place at the right time of John Cena’s injury. With Cena sidelined, Ryback shot his way into the main-event picture. Normally the finish here would be an easy one but with all of the time invested into both Punk and Ryback, the right ending here could have great impact one way or another on business going forward.

The easy answer is to give Punk the win. The WWE appear to have all of their storylines in place through WrestleMania. Punk vs. The Rock at the Royal Rumble and Cena vs. Rock at WrestleMania 29 for the title have been penciled in for awhile. An easy out here would be a screw job finish but we are talking Hell in a Cell. Putting Punk over seems simple but is it really the right way to go?

If you are a Punk fan, you probably don’t like Ryback at all. Rooting for Ryback goes against almost every reason you are a Punk fan. So you probably aren’t going to like my answer. All I ask is that you look at it objectively and take off your Punk colored glasses. I know that is asking a lot but this is much bigger than CM Punk.

I think the WWE must put Ryback over for the title. Ryback has caught fire and while he certainly isn’t my favorite wrestler to watch, casual fans are buying into him. Ryback is something of a throwback to the 1980s WWF age in that he is more of a character than just about anyone on the full time roster. His muscled up look while humorous to some of you, makes him a larger than life character than almost anyone on the roster. Vince McMahon hasn’t had this kind of guy in this position in a long time. If he doesn’t pull the trigger now, he may not get this opportunity again for a long time.

Believe me when I tell you that this is no creative stroke of genius from McMahon. Take a look at how they groomed future champions over the last couple of years and you will notice two things. One, Ryback was not being groomed for a title run now. Two, those new champions never caught on because they were jobbed on the way up consistently. Ryback is the first new WWE superstar that Vince has the chance to elevate that people actually believe can hang with the big boys. That puts him at a tremendous edge over anyone else that the WWE tried to elevate in recent years.

As much as some of you like CM Punk, he is not a game changer. He doesn’t move numbers. Ryback has the potential to do just that. Ryback is the kind of character that kids and casual fans could eat up. He is the kind of character that gives the WWE great opportunity to market outside of pro wrestling. He is different and the WWE haven’t had different at the top in a long time. Business is down so what does the WWE have to lose here? Maybe, just maybe they get some new fans and some old fans back.

One major criticism I have heard about Ryback is that he can’t wrestle. What does that mean anyway? We are talking about a worked sport. Could Hulk Hogan wrestle? Could the Ultimate Warrior wrestle? Is The Undertaker a phenomenal wrestler? These are three of the biggest draws in the history of the business yet none of them are guys I’d put in Daniel Bryan’s league of “wrestler.” Maybe (again just maybe), some fans don’t want to see that at the top. You do and I do, but maybe the kids and casual fans want a tough guy that goes in there, destroys his opponents, and moves on?

What about that Punk vs. Rock? Why do they have to stick with Punk vs. Rock? What if Ryback gets super hot as champion? In order for Ryback to get hot he’d have to increase business and if he does, wouldn’t Ryback vs. Rock be the better match for business? If Ryback works as champion, that match could be even bigger than Punk vs. Rock. For fans like you and I, it would be a huge letdown. But the casual fans may eat that up if everything falls into place.

[adinserter block=”1″]The upside here of putting Ryback over far outweighs the downside. The WWE will never have another guy ready to ascend who they haven’t tarnished like Ryback in quite awhile. The timing just works. What is the worst that happens? Ryback wins, business declines, and Punk gets the belt back before the Royal Rumble. Sure you lose some steam in Punk having the loss before the Rumble but the potential here is worth the gamble.

The WWE must put Ryback over, give him the title, and see what happens. The timing will never be better.

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  1. Ryback hasn't earned a shot to be the best in the wwe, he has to pay his dues. If ANYONE deserved to be wwe champion after a short while it was Wade Barett. He was a beast as the nexus leader.(Still puzzles me why he never become wwe or world champion, yet danielson did.) internet nerds are ruining wrestling for me 🙁

  2. omg raw is a joke once again…..this hell no team has got 2 go cause ur both better as single competeters,,,,,what a boring raw 2night

  3. The Undertaker is a phenomenal wrestler. He has one of the best repertoire of moves in the business, he can carry his weight in 30+ minute matches, he can do moves cruiserweight wrestlers can do and he has been at the top, consistently, longer than most anyone else. CM Punk isn't fit to lace his boots, let alone the fact, he couldn't draw Pee Wee Herman to an adult movie theatre. As for Hulk Hogan, putting aside the fact that he is doing his utmost to destroy his legacy, he has done a hundred times more for the wrestling business than CM Punk. I hate Hogan and Punk but Hogan has earned his ego. CM Punk is a delusional twat.

    • Punk is a CHARACTER. His persona is what it is supposed to be, you hate him because you are SUPPOSED to hate him. Apparently, you've never seen Punk vs Samoa Joe or Punk vs Chris Hero or his epic PPV matches with Daniel Bryan or even his matches WITH the Undertaker where he made the Undertaker tap out or you'd know that Punk can more than hold his own.

      Punk can manipulate the Crowd to do what he wants them to do. He was over as a Face AND he's over as a Heel. He's been wrestling since 1999. He never had anything handed to him. He wrote all his GOOD material. The SES was his idea and was over more than anyone gave it credit for.

      Punk is a wrestler for the actual WRESTLING fans. He's an Indy guy and Ryback came in through "Tough Enough" in 2004. He came in through a reality TV show where he was constantly eating.

      I can't buy into Ryback because he was "Skip Sheffield". CM Punk has always been CM Punk, he's always been both a great wrestler and a great entertainer. As for "drawing" power, Punks segments are the highest rated of the show, they go down when The Divas come on. Ryder rescuing Eve from Kane a while back lost 544,000

      This past week, Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young lost 427,000 viewers.

      Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro and Kane vs. Matt Striker lost 354,000 viewers

      Kofi Kingston and The Miz lost 105,000 viewers

      The final segment with Vince, Ryback, Punk and John Cena gained 766,000 viewers

      You could argue that it's because of all the people that were involved in that segment and I would not disagree…but CM Punks segments with Mick Folly, Jim Ross, Vince and John Cena have been the highest rated segments of all shows. Every time Punk is on the TV, the ratings go up.

      • Ryback is nothing but a poor man's Goldberg. He has zero mic skills and all his glory comes from squash matches. He can't go for longer than 15 minutes tops. WWE needs to have Punk win. They can have Punk get a cheap win to go over Ryback. Something like Lesnar coming in for a hand. This could lead to a Ryback vs. Lesnar match in the future. Yes, Lesnar says he is finished with WWE but those never last.

  4. The thing is, Ryback is more exciting when he destroys people at random! They
    could of set up a non title match on Raw the week after the first stare down!!

    CM Punk then could choose Vince McMahon as his opponent, sort of like Austin
    and McMahon feud! Then they'll have a Rock vs. CM Punk match @ Royal Rumble.

    But Ryback vs. Punk…they'll need to give that to Ryback!! Because Ryback being
    undefeated is a lot more important than CM Punk's simple 1 year title reign! There's
    been lot's of wrestler's who held the title for that long, so it's not record breaking.

    If Punk & Ryback can't lose…why not Punk address Vince about his decision and instead
    challenges Vince or Cena (if arm is healed) instead, then have Ryback interfere and hit the Shell Shock on CM Punk again!! Sound's a bit Attitude days! Now Punk is safe and so is Ryback! And fans will not get robbed of a match because that's part of controversy
    and build up.

  5. WWE is a publicly traded company, although the McMahon's control enough shares to make the major business decisions. However, as a public company, he has a fiduciary responsibility to his stockholders to maximize profits. And cable ratings ultimately impact profitability. That said, ever since Vince elevated Punk (and to a lesser degree, Daniel Bryan) to headliner status, ratings have dropped like a stone. For whatever it's worth (not much, I suppose), these guys just lack drawing power. Sure, marks like me and the rest of the ROH universe appreciate the talent and athleticism of these "little guys," but the rank and file cable viewer tunes in to wrestling to see big lugs like Ryback or Lesnar pulverize people. After all, it just a show, and a big bald guy grunting "feed me more" trumps a guy that looks like – to use Kevin Nash's phrase about Punk – a short order cook in a local diner. If Punk can't draw, Punk is a mid-carder … simple as that.

  6. I agree with you EG on Punk not moving the needle. That's why Cena's been in the main event of every PPV since Punk won the title.

    I think if WWE is gonna pull the trigger and give Ryback the title, why not let him hold the title til the Rumble and have him face the Rock? Ryback should beat Punk at the next few PPVs until the Rumble to make him seem more of a legit WWE Champion.

    If I could fantasy book here, I'd love to see Punk win the Rumble match, feud with Cena for a month for the right to face Rock at Mania, and make it a three way. Vince still can have Cena beat Rock at Mania, but adding Punk into the match could "shut up" the internet fans and Punk fans.

    • or is it because cena has been in every main event the needle hasnt moved. i damn sure wanna see rock vs punk, more than rock vs cena. and i just have no interest in ryback facing anyone but jobbers at this point, so him vs rock could be worst drawing ppv ever. not to mention rock is coming in as a face

  7. CM Punk is a pain in the A#$. He makes me not want to watch wrestling at all. WWE should get rid of him altogether. He is a skinny fat guy who in reality would knocked out with one blow. Ryback needs to come in and defeat him in seconds.

  8. Are you kidding me?? this is not the Eighties You could get any bald muscle bound man to play a Charactor like Ryback !!!!!!!!!

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