Ryback Is Done, Who’s Next?


As you may have divined from the title, I proclaim Ryback done. Now let me quietly bury him!

[adinserter block=”1″]I picked up the coffin after watching Hell in a Cell and though on the way to the burial ground I sensed movement inside the coffin (read Ryback’s squash promo that’s getting rave reviews) I pay no attention. What i am paying attention to is the lingering stink he raised while he died at Hell in a Cell.

The main event that had the ‘universe’ go nuts reminded me of a truncated version of Michaels vs. Ramon Ladder Match, WM X, where Michaels did all the work, whether it was hitting or getting hit. Ryback just didn’t have anything to offer. It was as though Punk was wrestling an iron pillar. And that to me has hurt Ryback to the point that he is now dead.

For all the talk about how fans were behind Ryback, the cyborg got much less reaction than Punk during their respective entrances. It was quite embarrassing to see how he had to keep on screaming ‘feed me more’ to get the handful of supporters behind him. To me it appeared like what mattered was how Punk would retain. It was obsessing to the point that the crowd set aside their weekly episodic allegiance turning Punk face again for just one night.

And did the finish simply suck! The referee for god’s sake. Attitude Era revisited?

The Internet wrestling community claims that the finish has ensured that Ryback is still strong. But folks, it’s not the finish that maakes a man; it’s what he doth before the finish. If anything it simply underlined the fact that WWE doesn’t want Punk to job to someone like Ryback.

That said, the match had its moments; the fire extinguisher, Ryback ‘ryback’ing up and the climb towards the end. But as much thrilling and exciting as the end was, I don’t think Ryback pulled it off very well. They were trying to quickly get it over with. There was absolutely no drama. Wham, Bam, Thank You Atlanta!

So where does Ryback go from here? He just can’t wrestle and only another behemoth can possibly do any amount of justice to his character or story (and I’m being too hopeful). Honestly, I see Ryback a forgotten chapter 6 months down the line. Since all the major future storylines have been cast in stone and since Ryback is not part of any of those, he is quiet dead.

Before Hell in a Cell, there were quite a few voices that clamored for Ryback’s victory and a possible change of title. Any other sport (legitimate) and a new comer’s upset victory would have been something to celebrate; something that will bring new spectators, something that will renew interest. But Entertainment Sport is a different ring act all together. Since people know that this is a weekly action theater, they expect storylines, villains, heartbreaks and triumphs.

Winning the title must have a rationale. It must be understood as either a culmination or as a continuation. In Ryback’s case culmination is out of the question and as for continuation, take a long and hard look at Ryback.

Shell Shocking scrawny teenagers who would be lucky if they weighed 50 pounds combined is not in my opinion is an ideal way of building an undefeated streak. It’s child abuse. Damien Sandow used to do a much better job! But yeah, that’s because he can wrestle, right? Right!

[adinserter block=”2″]I understand that WWE needs new and different faces. But Ryback’s not that guy! Has there been any discernible development in terms of his character or matches? He was back from HIAC and he was wrestling another meaningless squashes shortly thereafter.

Thinking back on his squashes, more often than not he was a comic relief. You never missed anything while he ‘wrestled’. 6 months down the line, we’ll still not miss anything. RIP.

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  1. This was such an impartial and humourous article.Anybody who reads know that you have nothing against Ryback.The first half felt like a buried alive match and you gave everything you had.I seriously doubt you are scrawny little pencil neck who thinks he knows how to run the buisness.Answer just one question have you ever been to a live ppv or house show?From your comments and articles posted here i can clearly see that you are brock lesnar fan.Just let go off the past and be thankful for what you have.

  2. Could that (numbers) have anything to do with the fact that people expected Brock Lesnar to turn up and interfere? I mean nobody looked at Ryback-Punk as a new angle; rather as a contingency that would have produced another storyline possibly involving Brock Lesnar.

    Also i am talking long term.

  3. I disagree, Giri. While Ryback can't wrestle a lick, the Hell in a Cell numbers apparently indicated that he can move the needle – and that's all that matters. If he can develop some promo skills other than "feed me more" he may have some staying power. If not, he'll just be another Big Poppa Pump. Although at least Steiner's promos had the redeeming quality of being unintentionally hilarious.


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