Ryback and the Case of the Has-Been Super Heel


If the WWE is going back to its roots and making the “heavyweight” the focus of the WWE title run, then can I ask what in the blue hell the company is going to do with Ryback?

[adinserter block=”1″]After Paul Heyman came out and essentially say goodbye to the “big nothing” not only have I been wondering what Heyman’s next move is going to be, I cannot help but think of Ryan Reeves and what will eventually become of him and his character.

As it is right now, it seems the WWE is trying to make short work of him in the ring, that the big man is not safe to work a long program with other wrestlers and has injured top stars in the past because he is not a “Kane-like” worker in the run.

The fact the WWE had to push the big man along faster than maybe they would have like because of injuries to other wrestlers (John Cena) speaks volumes about how the company cares for its performers and characters. Ryback is one of those characters we may always wonder, “What could have been.” He is not anything like Goldberg and is not even close to mirroring someone like Batista. He is actually more like Mason Ryan than he is a top superstar.

Ryback’s chasing titles was more out of necessity than anything else.

Does this mean that Ryback will never be a top performer in the WWE or that his ship has sailed? I do not have the answer for that. What I do think is when he was challenging wrestlers like Antonio Cesaro, which I thought was a great feud, the WWE should have put the United States strap on him and helped him build on his legend.

But once again it was obvious that “Vince was being Vince” and the idea of a big, strong, muscular meaty guy mean dollar signs to the owner of the company. Right to the top without “Titan Training.”

It may turn out that Ryback becomes a good mid card wrestler in time. But right now he and Ahmed Johnson are about neck and neck.

Since the WWE has stated in other online statements it wishes to go back to the way of the Big Man, shouldn’t Ryback be included in this kind of rebirth? Isn’t sending him to the mid card a way of humiliation – like a kid being embarrassed on the playground?

And while we are on that subject, here is some food for thought…

The WWE recent has made huge waves about giving Roman Reigns a huge push toward a singles title. He fits the mold of the big man, has a look that is sick and is kin to The Rock. He is a no-brainer in terms of star power, but there is one thing he does not have going for him.

Reigns may be as green as Ryback in terms of experience and when he is a pack like he is with The Shield, he looks dynamite. How will he be with a role on his own? Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins should have been given more of a push then Reigns. Ambrose has the United States Title around his waist and is doing nothing with it. Rollins could be better than both of them when it is all said and done.

[adinserter block=”2″]Oh, sorry, went off on a tangent there. I know my thoughts seem to roam when they want to. Ryback could still be a huge star, but here is what I think should happen. Send him back to NXT.

Repackage him. Train his some more and most of all, give him a new gimmick. If it does not work, then the company can say it tried. But if it does work, then this could be one of the better comeback stories the WWE has seen in some time.

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