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Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Adam Project’: Movie Review

Deadpool, Gamora, Hulk, and Elektra teaming up to save the universe.  

If the star-studded cast is not enough to pull you into this movie, then the story might certainly pique your interest. Not interested in sci-fi? Well, then the family drama will definitely get you hooked.

You’d be lying if you are a sci-fi fan and you said that you have never dreamt of having a sci-fi adventure of your own. This movie is one such dream of a kid who goes on a sci-fi adventure with um… well himself.

Today we talk about the movie ‘The Adam Project’ and give you a spoiler-free review of the movie:

What is the Story About?

Well, The Adam Project is about a leap into your past quite literally as well as figuratively. You get to experience the fun of the old sci-fi movies with a pinch of time traveling and a life lesson to be learned at the end.

What’s refreshing about the movie is that Shawn Levy, the director has not shoved the only and all elements of sci-fi in the movie including the high-tech gadgets and lots of explosions and special effects. The Adam Project is down to earth with the scientific element really toned down a notch.

The Plot

Adam’s (Ryan Reynolds) wife Laura (Zoe Saldana) dies in a mission but Adam couldn’t accept it and knows how capable and obedient Laura was. Hence Adam being a pilot himself decides to right the wrongs and goes back in time and quite obviously he messes up and lands in a wrong time period.

And there he meets his younger kid self and the father of the Adam Project is nowhere to be seen and now Adam has to figure out how to get to his wife with the help of his younger self who barely knows a thing about the science behind time travel.

What’s Different

Well considering it’s a movie featuring Ryan Reynolds, the fans are quite obvious that it’ll be constant yapping from the merc with a mouth throughout the movie and never-ending jokes. But that’s where this movie surprises you, this movie does not attempt to earn money from Ryan Reynolds’ persona.

Well for starters we witness Adam’s younger self getting pummeled for opening his mouth too much. What’s more is we see Adam’s older self as a weary and grumpy dude, yes! Ryan Reynolds wearing a straight face throughout the movie! That is something you gotta witness for yourself.

The similarities between young and old Adam are so accurate that it makes you wonder if they de-aged him or something. In the end, The Adam Project is a wholesome movie you can thoroughly enjoy but it will soon be forgotten under the rubble of every other sci-fi movie.



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