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Russian Armed Forces Deployed ‘Invisible’ Hypersonic Missile on Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry claims to be the first to utilize hypersonic missiles in battle. In the Ivano-Frankivsk area, a Russian weapons stockpile was destroyed, according to the report.

Putin’s use of weaponry is the latest indicator that he is becoming more frantic as his force continues its unlawful assault of Ukraine. There are few details at this time, but Russia has already boasted about its hypersonic weaponry.

A 2,000-kilometer-range Kinzhal (or “Dagger”) missile is thought to have been used in the attack, according to reports. Many anti-missile defense technologies cannot see them because of their velocity and low altitude, but scientists say they are suitable for transporting nuclear weapons.

Ukraine’s military communications and observation centers outside the central city of Odesa were also reportedly hit by Russian rockets, Interfax said on Sunday. The exact number of people killed or injured is yet unclear.

According to a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson, “a significant subterranean ammo storage was eliminated by the Kinzhal aircraft rocket with hypersonic aero-ballistics,” Igor Konashenkov stated. Kinzhal is being deployed in this fight for the first time, although it has previously been evaluated in Syria.

The installation of a US ballistic missile defence network, according to Putin, prompted Russia to start developing hypersonic missiles. Ukraine’s prosecutor general announced this morning that 112 youngsters have been dead in the conflict too far.

According to Telegram, 140 youngsters were reportedly injured. “Russia has been compelled” to alter its operational plan in Ukraine, according to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

This invasion has transformed Russia into a rogue nation, and the Kremlin is anxious to disguise a large number of Russian deaths. This is anticipated to include indiscriminate use of gunfire, leading to greater civilian fatalities, damage of Ukrainian property and a worsening in human suffering, according to the ministry’s most recent intelligence report.

Media censorship in Russia has been tightened by Vladimir Putin. Russian fatality statistics are being concealed from the general public by the Kremlin in an effort to manipulate the story and distract attention away from operational issues.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has called on Putin to engage in dialogue, saying it is “time to speak.” He has also cautioned that if Putin does not, Ukraine would suffer a forfeit that will take “centuries to recover.”

Invading Ukraine on February 24, Moscow has yet to achieve the military advances that many had predicted. Ukrainian President has stated that Ukraine has always provided peace options and that he wants to begin conversations on peace and stability as soon as possible.

On Saturday morning, Zelensky released a video statement stating, “I want everybody to understand me now, particularly in Moscow. When the timing is right, it’s time to discuss. Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and sense of justice must be restored. Russian losses would be so great that it will take Russia years to recover from.”

According to Mr Zelensky, Russian soldiers are purposefully obstructing humanitarian assistance from reaching communities under siege. “This is a calculated strategy…,” he said, “This is a war crime and they will be held accountable for it 100%.”

It’s not clear how many innocent people were killed when a theatre in Mariupol, Ukraine, was bombed on Wednesday, President Zelensky stated. He added that more than 130 individuals have been saved so far.



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