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Russia May Lose UEFA and FIFA’s Hosting Rights

Uefa has decided to strip away Russia’s right of holding the Champions League Final over the Ukraine Crisis 

Russia has received criticism from various ends because of the scenario which is unfolding in Ukraine. After matters escalated between the two countries Russia has declared an all-out war on Ukraine.

There are various reasons as to why there are tensions between the two countries. But how the situation has escalated so quickly has been very surprising to everyone.

Countries and Organizations all over the world are against Russia on this one and the country is facing political and financial implications on many fronts. This ban is also a way for the league to show their criticism over Russia’s actions.

UEFA has already made their decision while FIFA will meet with both countries first 

The Champions League final was to be held in St Petersburg on the 28th of May. However, considering the current crisis Uefa’s president has decided to strip away that right.

There will be an emergency meeting which will be held on Friday. However, the decision isn’t expected to change and it is more of an announcement rather than a discussion.

The organization would have been heavily criticized if they were to continue with their plans as Russia’s actions have been condemned all over the world.

Fifa on the other hand will first hold a discussion with both the countries as they are to participate in the World Cup. There are some matches scheduled too in both countries. However, will they be held or will the countries’ play be still a grey area?

As of now, all football-related activities have been suspended in Ukraine. The Ukrainian FA has said it will appeal to prevent any Russian national or club teams from participating in “any international competitions under the auspices of Fifa and Uefa”.

Uefa later said it “shared the international community’s concern for Ukraine. “We remain resolute in our solidarity with the football community in Ukraine and stand ready to extend our hand to the Ukrainian people,” Uefa said in a statement.

Russian teams will still play in European competitions 

As of now Zenit St Petersburg who is scheduled to play against Real Betis will be allowed to participate in the Uefa Europa League. However, this is a problematic matter for the organization as they still cannot allow any matches to be held in Russia.

All legs to be held in Russia will supposedly be held in a neutral country. Uefa will be hoping that Zenit ends up on the losing side as clubs have said that they will not be traveling to Russia under the current circumstances.

There have been other consequences too. Schalke has decided to remove the logo of Gazprom from their club jersey condemning Russia’s actions. There are other problems too as Sebastian Vettel is pushing the notion that the Russian Grand Prix should be canceled too.

Although Russia would have forecasted that they would have to face many such consequences and it is highly unlikely that these repercussions will alter their stance on the situation in any way.



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