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Upgraded Run Blocking Coming To Madden 11

Madden 11The boys at EA are continuing to release updates about new Madden 11 features and improvements. The newest feature concerns running blocking. It appears that EA Sports have stepped up the run blocking element in Madden 11. A few new Madden 11 videos confirm some well needed changes.

[adinserter block=”2″]This is really a game changer. There are some gamers that wait awhile to pick up the new Madden video game and milk the previous year’s edition for a few more months. Between the changes to the running game, the wide receiver/pass defense technology, dual stick controls, and now the run blocking it will be really hard for Madden gamers to wait another day for Madden 11. At this point, it appears that Madden 11 will be almost an entirely new video game.

I have written numerous times about my frustrations with the running game in Madden. Quite frankly, Madden has never truly had a running game. It has been buggy when it comes to blocking and inconsistent when it comes to cuts, jukes, and breaking big runs. The new technology will give hardcore Madden gamers like me a chance to really exploit the run game. EA posted a blog on the new technology. Check it out as posted on the EA Madden blog.

[adinserter block=”1″]”The new Run Blocking AI will open up more running lanes and allow users to establish a true ground attack like we see proficient running teams do on Sunday. It all starts with blocking, without blocking the greatest running backs of all time would not be able to put up such huge numbers. There are obviously many different run blocking schemes out there, so we decided that we wanted to really focus on the core run plays that are the true staple of the majority of NFL offenses.”

Check out the videos below and judge for yourself.

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The release date for Madden 11 is August 10, 2010.

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