Rumor – Sting has signed a one-year deal with the WWE


Did Sting sign with the WWE2-21-11. The mysterious video aired twice during the final Raw of January. But what does it mean?

If you missed it, the video featured an individual clad in a black trench coat walking around what appeared to be a derelict building eerily illuminated by flickering candles and fading to black with the date 2-21-11 seared into the screen.

At first glance, I assumed it signified the imminent return of The Undertaker after the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay per view. After watching it a couple more times though, something seemed different. The signs pointing to Taker were all there; black trench, eerie setting, and even an eerie music playing lightly in the background. Even the facility hosting Raw on February 21st is claiming it will feature the return of The Undertaker that night. But something felt, and still feels different, every time I watch the video.

[adinserter block=”1″]Then the news that is slowly starting to make its rounds found its way to me. There is a columnist in The New York Daily News who goes by the name of “King Jordan” that reports on the wrestling industry. In today’s edition, there is a recap of Raw as well as the following tidbit of information in the “King’s Court” portion of the article:

“Steve Borden (AKA Sting), 51, has reportedly signed on to a one-year agreement with WWE. Sting, who last wrestled for TNA and WCW, has never wrestled for Vince McMahon and the WWE. Rumors have him debuting Feb. 21.”

Take a minute and let that sink in. Reread it if you need to. Sting, the final big name of WCW who never came over to WWE, COULD be showing up this month. The man in black…the man they call STING…in WWE. This raises the following questions:

What signs point to this? The video is a good indicator. It has more of a Sting feel to it than an Undertaker feel. The second key piece of information being this week’s broadcast of TNA Impact. It had been reported that Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Sting were supposed to return to the company as part of the “They” storyline to reform the Main Event Mafia stable. As we saw on Sunday at the Royal Rumble, Booker T and Nash (as Diesel) have appeared to returned to WWE in some capacity. Nash, Booker T, & Sting were not at the Impact tapings, so that may indeed be another good indicator of the report in The New York Daily News being true.

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Why now? As we all know, the WWE Hall of Fame and WrestleMania will be in Atlanta (WCW’s home base) this year. Sting, though never being in WWE, deserves a place in the Hall of Fame for his contributions to wrestling. Sting was to WCW what the Undertaker is to WWE; their franchise player…their phenom…the one guy who wouldn’t go to the competition and would stay until the bitter end. As for a match at the biggest pay per view of the year, anyone should jump at the chance to work with Sting if given the opportunity. In my mind though, there is one way WWE should go for a potentially huge buy rate and, pardon the expression, a sh*t ton of fan interest. Reports have Taker facing Wade Barrett at Mania, but what if…as a special attraction match, or even the headlining bout…Phenom Vs. Phenom. Franchise vs. Franchise? The Undertaker vs. Sting. It has never been done and even though both men are up there in age, it can and will still draw. What better place to have a match like that than in the backyard of WCW?

[adinserter block=”2″]Imagine, if on February 21st, Sting lowers from the rafters on Raw and challenges the man undefeated at WrestleMania, The Undertaker, to a match. The Undertaker, rising from the Raw entrance stage or emerging from a casket brought to the stage by his druids, accepts the challenge. Raw goes off the air with Sting pointing his baseball bat at “The Dead Man” while Taker strikes his signature kneeling pose on the stage with the arena illuminated in eerie purple lighting. I’m getting goosebumps at the prospect.

If WWE has truly signed Sting, this may be the most talked about WrestleMania in recent memory. If it is not Sting, there are going to be a great many disappointed fans out there. I know I will be one of them. The only question left to ask seems obvious.

Riddle me this…riddle me that. In the 2-21-11 video, who is the big black bat? We will indeed find out soon enough.

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