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Royce Gracie Chokes Out G4 Attack Of The Show Host

Royce Gracie Chokes Out HostIf Dana White won’t give Royce Gracie a UFC fight, G4 will. Royce made a recent appearance on G4 Attack of the Show to promote his new DVD. Host Kevin Pereira asked Royce to choke him out and the UFC legend was happy to oblige.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know what it is about talk show hosts treating MMA fighters like dancing monkeys. Radio show host Danny Bonaduce had Tito Ortiz punch him repeatedly in the face during a broadcast as something of a stunt. Bas Rutten took his turn to choke out a radio host caught on You Tube. Even the girls have gotten in on the fun as Strikeforce female MMA champion Cris Cyborg and rival Gina Carana have each taken their turns choking out victims.

Hulk Hogan must be going nuts when he watches something like this. Decades ago Hogan was sued after after choking out Richard Belzer during an interview and along with the WWE had to pay Belzer $5 million. Gracie showed the host some BJJ moves and allowed Kevin to take him down. He first applied a mock choke to Kevin. Then some annoying girl started jumping up and down yelling, “choke him out”, Kevin agreed, and the BJJ hero followed through. Check out the video.

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