Roy Nelson Thought Brock Lesnar Was Done Back In January

The MMA community was stunned when the UFC announced that Shane Carwin would replace Brock Lesnar at UFC 131. Well, everyone except Roy Nelson. the rotund UFC heavyweight predicted this exact same UFC 131 scenario back in January.

Roy Nelson either got incredibly lucky or is truly one of the most astute men in all of MMA. Funny thing is, I don’t necessarily see Nelson as this MMA genius yet a prediction he made back in January has made him look like the smartest guy in the room. Nelson predicted almost the identical scenario that has unraveled involving Brock Lesnar and his fight with Junior Dos Santos.

“I think Brock Lesnar is done,” Nelson said. “I think Brock doing TUF is one way to basically take a situation and make it win-win for him. I think Lesnar doing the show is a way to introduce Junior Dos Santos to the American fan base in the way the show does. TUF introduces “stars in the making” to the casual UFC fan and while JDS is the number one contender he still needs some help with the American fan base. So the conspiracy basically comes down to the fact that Shane Carwin has no one to fight in June. I think Brock Lesnar will walk off the TUF set and then Carwin will take his spot or Frank Mir will come in to “save the day” and fight JDS for title contention. The reason I believe Frank would be the guy is because Mir is coming off a win and I was already supposed to fight Shane so fans were already hyped to see it. Or Carwin could move in to face JDS and I could still face Frank but it doesn’t really matter to me as to who fights who because all that really matters is the fans want to see me fight somebody. A lot of things could happen over the next six weeks but it seems a bit off that Carwin doesn’t have an opponent right now and all of the top heavyweights are spoken for.”

Roy Nelson brings up a lot of interesting points. Nelson points to Carwin not having an opponent at the time. This changed when Carwin vs. Jon Olav Einemo was signed to UFC 131. I remember thinking at the time what an odd fight that was. You had Carwin fresh off a championship match and now a UFC superstar fighting someone on his first UFC fight? I can’t remember the UFC ever making a match like that. Well if you follow Roy Nelson’s line of thinking, it actually makes sense.

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Did the UFC know all along that Shane Carwin was going to fight Lesnar? Maybe they did and maybe they made this match knowing that fans wouldn’t care if Carwin was pulled from a fight against someone who hasn’t even fought in the UFC. Remember, Carwin was originally supposed to fight Roy Nelson. Maybe the UFC never rescheduled the fight is because they knew canceling the fight would leave a name fighter in Nelson without an opponent and off the show, disappointing fans as opposed to canceling a fight nobody really cared to see except hardcore MMA fans? The plot thickens.

Honestly, I am playing around with the whole conspiracy and don’t believe that one bit. However, it is almost eerie how exact Roy Nelson was with his prediction back in January. Maybe he was trying to stir the pot for a potential Nelson vs. Lesnar fight, or he heard something from someone close to Lesnar? Nelson’s whole theory was based on the idea that the UFC announced a fight for Carwin without an opponent. Either way, it is definitely something to think about.

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