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Rosmarie Trapp, ‘Sound of Music’ Real Life Family Member, Dies at 93

The daughter of famous singer Maria Von Trapp and a member of the musical family, Rosmarie Trapp has passed away. Trapp was 93 years old and her group also inspired the Oscar-winning movie “The Sound of Music”. Rosmarie was the firstborn daughter of Georg and Maria but dropped the name “Von” from her surname subsequently. This was because she became a US citizen in 1950.

Rosmaria passed away at her home i.e. in the town of Stowe, Vermont, U.S. The reason behind the unfortunate death of Rosmaria is said to be a natural cause as she peacefully passed in her sleep. Further, she was quite aged and such sleep deaths are common at this age. The unfortunate news of Rosmaria’s death broke in when her family issued an official statement regarding the same.

The official statement read “Maria ‘went away quietly on Friday evening at the age of 93,’ according to her family, who added that she was surrounded by loved ones all day. ‘Her compassion, generosity, and vibrant attitude were legendary, and she had a good impact on countless lives,” said the statement.

It further continued to assert that “which included two images of Rosmarie, one of whom was riding a bicycle while wearing a bright blue anorak.” However, Rosmaria’s family only consists of her relatives as she did not have any children or spouses throughout her lifetime of 93 years. Strange, isn’t it? But yes, Rosmaria did not marry anyone throughout her life but instead chose to live her life alone and on her own.

Rosmaria gained popularity as she became a member of the Musical family that inspired “The Sound of Music”. This oscar winning movie gained massive popularity as soon as it was released in 1965. Even today it remains one of the most loved movies of all time. Captain Georg Von Trapp, his ex-nun wife Maria, and their seven children (born to his late wife Agathe) sing their way out of bankruptcy and into America.

Trapp was born in Austria on February 8, 1929. The Trapp Family Singers’ Rosmarie acknowledged having a rough relationship with her “difficult” and “bossy” mother Maria, especially following the death of her father Georg in 1947. The late musician once told a media outlet, ‘I was not happy on stage.’ I had no choice. We never ran around singing like that. We struggled. It was hard.’

After over 60 years, only 83-year-old Johannes, Georg and Maria’s final child, is still alive. The Von Trapp family fled Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938 before performing in the US, but Hollywood embellished in the Oscar-winning film starring Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews. Rupert, for example, played Liesl, the film’s a nearly 17-year-old teenage girl.

Georg and Maria Trapp bought the Trapp Family Lodge in 1950 after settling in the US. Maria ‘passed away calmly on Friday evening at the age of 93,’ according to her family. The message featured two photographs of Rosmarie, one of whom was riding a bicycle while wearing a bright blue anorak.



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