Ronda Rousey Wants to Be a Part of the WWE Divas Revolution

Ronda Rousey WWE

UFC president Dana White may be saying no, but UFC champion Ronda Rousey is saying yes. The champ not only wants to return to the WWE, but told Rolling Stone that she wants to be a part of the Divas Revolution.

Rousey’s name was rumored heavily to be a part of the WWE WrestleMania 32 event in 2015. Most presumed that her appearance at 31 was shot to lead up to an angle involving some kind of a match with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and the Rock. Those rumors were squashed when her boss said flat out she’s done with the WWE, yet Rousey hasn’t gotten the memo.

I don’t know if it’s the fact she is such a big WWE fan or she just doesn’t like being told what she can and can’t do, but Rousey continues to tease a return to the WWE in media interviews. WWE is a hot topic to bring up with Rousey and she has no qualms talking about it, which I am sure makes Dana White happy at a time she’s supposed to be promoting a fight. Rousey told that she’s ready to answer WWE Divas champion Charlotte’s open challenge.

I’m ready,” she laughs. “I’ve seen NXT, I remember Nattie and Charlotte’s match for the title. Nattie was actually training with the original Four Horsewomen to get ready for that fight. I have so many obligations, but I really want to find a way to make it happen. I’m a huge fan wrestling, and I would like to see the position of women in the sport continue to improve, so if I can be a part of it, great.

The first thing I takeaway here is Rousey referring to the WWE as sport. Unfortunately for her, the current owner prefers sports entertainment so she’ll have to rethink that one. One thing you have to give the WWE credit for is that they continue to get a ton of positive publicity from one of the biggest female athletes in the world without actually having to pay her. It’s brilliant!

Rousey likes where the Divas Revolution is going and wants to be a part of it.

I’m really encouraged by the progress I’ve seen with what they’re doing with the women in WWE, but I feel like there’s a lot more than can be done,” she says. “They’re doing some of it now, too. I’m really excited that they’ve brought up all these great women from NXT, who are all different from the normal mold they would use for the Divas division. I’m not going to take credit for anything, but I definitely want to be part of it as much as I can.

Has Rousey watched the same Divas Revolution I’ve watched? They are all great athletes and very talented, but this revolution has not gone well. It would almost be comical to watch the booking blunders if Rousey were a full-time member of the WWE.

Rousey told Rolling Stone that she’s busy filming during WrestleMania 32 at the same time says she doesn’t want to ruin any surprises. A subtle or not so subtle tease for a WrestleMania 32 appearance from the champ? Definitely, so in other words, keep your hopes up if you are still looking for Rousey at 32.

Just don’t ask Dana White.

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