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Ronda Rousey Stars In New Insureon Commerical (Video)

The Ronda Rousey train keeps on moving forward and there appears to be no end in sight. The UFC champion stars in a brand new Insureon Protector Tech Store trailer as America’s protector of small businesses everywhere.

This is a really fun ad and one that has the potential of going viral. The rise of Rousey in 2013 is one of the greatest stories of MMA success in history. I can’t recall anyone becoming this big of a star in the sport as quickly as she has. With commercials like this it wouldn’t surprise me to see Rousey take a bigger role on screen in the near future.

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There is also a small connection to this story which is interesting. Rousey is portrayed as the protector to the small business owner. The twist here is that Rousey’s mom put three kids through college running a small consulting business during the day. This is a campaign that you’d expect to hit home to someone like Rousey.

Insureon also posted a behind the scenes video which is also pretty cool. What I really like about this is that Rousey seems like a genuinely humble person. It is very easy for someone like Rousey to get carried away with her newfound fame so seeing her so down to earth and humble make it even that much easier to get behind her.

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