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Ronda Rousey Avoiding Cyborg Is Worse Than Jon Jones Refusing Fights

UFC champion Jon Jones has taken a lot of criticism recently for turning down a fight with Chael Sonnen. Ironically Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey remains the darling of MMA, yet she refuses to fight Cris Cyborg. Why is Rousey getting a free ride?

I started thinking about this the other day and it really doesn’t make any sense to me. Jon Jones has been blasted by fans, media, and fellow fighters for refusing to take a fight on eight days notice. Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey on other hand is refusing to fight Cris Cyborg Santos with a full training camp, while Jones’ critics continue to worship the ground she walks on. In my mind Rousey refusing to fight Cyborg is far worse than Jones refusing to fight Chael Sonnen on anyone else on short notice.

[adinserter block=”2″]”When she was champion, I know she was doping but I couldn’t prove it,” Rousey said of Santos. “There was that situation so I thought, alright, you have to come to the champion. Now things have changed, now I’m the champion and I have the title for a reason and now she has to come to me.”

I don’t owe her anything. And she needs to fight me more than I need to fight her. There’s a line, they all want to beat me up now. So, really, she needs to come to me.

Wrong! You both need the fight. I saw the Ronda Rousey All Access special and the girl lives in a small apartment. Her payoffs are public and let’s just say that the face of Women’s MMA isn’t making the kind of money that a middle of the road UFC fighter makes. Heck, she made less than Ronaldo Souza on the same card a few weeks back. This fight would be huge, resulting in the biggest payoffs in either fighter’s careers. Unless Rousey has all of the sudden fallen into a windfall of money, my hunch is that Rousey needs this fight.

Even more, every woman struggling to pay her bills and fight in MMA needs this fight. The future of the division could rest on this fight. Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Santos would be the biggest fight in Women’s MMA history! Nothing has or could be bigger. The fight would do more to expose this struggling division to mainstream media and casual fans than any fight could ever do. The division would become bigger, the fighters would make more money, and recognition would skyrocket. Yet Rousey continues to refuse to fight. Jones’ refusal to fight resulted in a cancelled card. Rousey’s refusal to fight Cyborg is tantamount to holding the entire division hostage refusing to do her part to help move the division forward.

Rousey is holding on to this 135 pound challenge. Cyborg on the other hand says it is physically impossible for her to come down in weight. Cyborg has offered a compromise at 140, that is a mere five pounds more than where Rousey fights now. “I really wanna fight Ronda,” she said onThe MMA Hour. “I really want to. She says bad things about me. I never say bad things about my opponent. I want to do my best in the octagon, and if she says she wants to fight me, she can come to my weight or at 140.

Ironically Rousey had this to say about what she would do in Jon Jones’ situation.

If Dana said he wanted me to fight Chris ‘Cyborg’ Santos with a 40lbs weight disadvantage or wrap our hands with Duck Tape and be there in 40 minutes, I’d say I’d be there in 10 minutes just so I could stretch first.

Wait, so you’d fight her with 40 minutes notice at any weight but you won’t take a fight with five extra pounds with a full training camp? That makes less sense than anything Bones has said in the last two weeks and that certainly says a lot.

It is easy to sit here and say that Rousey shouldn’t have to move up in weight. Do you think Anderson Silva should fight Jon Jones? If you do, it is probably because he has fought at that weight before. Rousey has not only fought at 145, she fought at 150! Why did Rousey move down to 135? I am hardly a Cris Santos fan, but you could argue that Rousey moved down because she was scared to fight Santos.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea that an Olympic medalist and champion is refusing to take a fight over a five pound difference that could revolutionize her sport is just mind boggling to me. It is even more curious to me that she has received very little criticism for it. It would certainly appear that the MMA media are playing favorites on this one.

Jon Jones shut down a card by refusing to fight. He arguably cost his fellow fighters money, I say arguably because the UFC have offered to make good on that. Yet Ronda Rousey not fighting Cyborg could result in an entire division being shut down if it doesn’t progress and could cost women more in future payoffs than anything lost at UFC 151. In my opinion, that is far worse than anything Jones has pulled in the last two weeks.

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  1. Cyroid sounds like a Mortal Combat character – Cyroid wins, fatality.

    Anyway, truth be told, champ don't go to challenger….so there. Unless you're both champs, like Silva and GSP, then you meet somewhere in the middle.

    Will a fight be for the belt, a belt that Mantos (the fresh maker) never lost? If it's a fight, no title, she should make it happen. Champions fight, unless you are a drunk driving, no fight taking champ, then… ok, so yeah champs fight. Did Couture tell Silva to come down to his weight? No because Silva was champ, had the stroke, so Couture went in and beat him at his own weight.

    If either are good enough, they'll meet in the middle. It's not Pawn Stars and the house doesn't always win. Be like Hardcore Pawn and fight!!

  2. okay, let me clarify something for the "cyroid" groupies – RR has stated that she wants the fight at 135 because it is the only way she can guarantee "cyroid" would have to be clean for the fight! She's right!

    Too many fighters are doping, and they often get away with it for extended periods of time; sometimes, forever. Testing simply cannot keep up with ways to get around testing, and miss "cyroid" has already proved herself to be a cheater with doping! If she takes "roids" and has to fight at 135, it would do her more harm than good. Therefore, since miss cyroid is a proven cheater, and since there's really no way to test her and be sure she's not doping, making her fight at 135 basically insures that she will have to be clean to get there.

    One other aside. Ronda also mentioned that cyroid always comes into her fights over the weight limit. She's right about that too, and if the fight were at a heavier weight, you could see "roids" coming into the fight 10-15 pounds heavier than ronda, and in all probability, doped with the "juice"

    so i am absolutely in RR's corner on this. It is the only way she can insure that the fight will be fair!

    • Right because NOBODY has ever used a PED to cut weight. Get serious. Cyborg has offered to meet in the middle at 140. Thats FIVE more pounds than where Ronda is now. Plus, Ronda used to fight at 150. Refusing to go up five pounds tells me she is either extremely arrogant or scared.

  3. Why when a woman moves down, it’s because she’s scared, a guy does it and it’s “strategic” – is Frankie Edgar afraid of Benson Henderson, or anyone else in that division? No, he moved because he had the best chance of winning consistently and winning and keeping the championship. She’s smart and she’s not letting pressure win. She IS the champion, and she does get to tell “Manborg” she has to come to her. Who ever heard of a challenger dictating the rules to the champ?

    Do I think she wants to fight her? No, too much risk at this point. She’s a new champ, with 1 defense and shes still making her money. She can take this fight and make a big payday, lose, then what? Or, she fights a few more title matches, keeps up saying things to keep her talked about, push this money up more and then cash in – and maybe win. She’s a cutie, but heck, she is kind of one dimensional. Cyborg is going to look for her moves and pounce, because her Adams Apple, her ball and heavy supply of testosterone give “Mantos” the edge.

    Plenty of fights that were “would’ve, should’ve” in MMA history and it wasn’t from being scared, it just was what it was.

    Can we go back to Jon Jones bashing now?

  4. Like BJ Penn he dominated his division and went through everyone almost twice. He moved up to prove his heart and see how he would fair. Thats a true champion. ou want to be the best beat the best that was hit thought.

    I see both sides but like I said you want to be known as the best take chances and prove yourself.


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