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Roman Reigns’ WWE Main Event Odyssey

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Roman Reigns, our ultimate hero, our leading man, our Chris Pratt of WWE. Roman is on top of the mountain, even without the Universal title (currently in parts unknown) and deep down we’re all delighted! It all started in early 2014…..

Move over Mr Wrestlemania there’s a new kid on the block and it’s Mr Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns.

Fans cheered wildly in 2014 when he got the record for the most eliminations in any Rumble match and got down to the final two with Bluetista. WWE stood up and took notice, the WWE Universe had picked their new Guardian of The Galaxy and it would be none other than Roman Reigns. That is what you wanted, right?

Apparently, there was some group called the Shield that Roman may or may not have been in and they supposedly won a couple matches here and there, who knows really. However, from what I can tell this supposed group may have copied Roman’s theme music and look. Fortunately, by mid-2014 he was riding solo, focusing on giving the gift of Roman Reigns in the main event.

2015 rolls around and WWE gave us what we asked for the prior year, our Roman winning the Rumble! Roman even offered The Rock a helping hand, standing together in the ring celebrating Roman’s Royal Rumble win, thus ensuring The Rock’s movie career had more momentum than ever, you’re welcome Rock!

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Wrestlemania time and poor Roman loses in the main event to Brock Lesnar, all because of Seth Rollins (apparently, he was in the Shield, again, the Shield? Who knows?). The crowd, clearly confused, thinking Roman won the title, cheered wildly for Seth.

Survivor Series 2015 comes around and Roman finally wins the WWE title, just like The Rock before him. Then that that Seamus fella ran in and cashed in the Money in the Bank. Fortunately, Roman would win the title back in January 2016, after a mini feud with Mr McMahon (see guys, McMahon clearly doesn’t love him!) all was right in the world and he was a two-time champ, so really it worked out well!

Remember earlier when I said he was Mr Royal Rumble? Well there was this one versus all thing going on in the 2016 Royal Rumble match, which kind of went against him. He lost the title to Triple Haitch and then had to take time off for a nose injury. While most people would be out for a few months, Roman returned just in time for Wrestlemania. In a match so captivating, the crowd watched it in silence, for fear they would miss something, Roman defeated Triple Haitch in the main event, spearing Stephanie for good measure, continuing the “Stephanie gets attacked at every Wrestlemania” theme.

Roman briefly got distracted with a feud over the US title with Rusev, he must have confused it with the WWE title. Then, we’re back to the main event and as always, it’s the Royal Rumble that defines Roman. In the 2017 Rumble he proved to anyone that has ever been told you shouldn’t dream big, that you don’t even need to win the Rumble to main event Wrestlemania, you just need to be Roman Reigns, yes dreams can come true.

Then there’s that match…So, he beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, who hasn’t? Ok well just Brock, but let’s be honest here, someone had to end it. After all Beetlejuice was going to have to take the Undertaker back at some point, not even Wynona Ryder could stop that (although I am not sure she even would). Roman just gave Undertaker the nudge (spear) he needed. Should we boo Roman for that? Absolutely not! Sure, Roman didn’t want to beat Taker, I am sure he didn’t want that epic win, unfortunately Taker wanted Roman and Roman the good guy that he is obliged. So, in fact, we owe Roman a debt of gratitude.

Now Roman is facing Braun Stroman and while things look bleak for him now, Roman has an uncanny ability to come back from anything, even when he loses a ppv match, is bleeding epic amounts of fake blood from the mouth, he can still walk out on your own accord. Kind of like John Cena….maybe there’s a link there? Nah.

There’s no stopping Roman Reigns and his epic odyssey to the most world title wins ever, he is our next big thing, unless he gets Asuka’s attention, then it’s over, there’s no stopping her!

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