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How Roman Reigns Will Win MITB and the WWE Title In the Same Night

It’s hard not to think the WWE will once again try to throw another huge win by Roman Reigns at us on Sunday night at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. But in all likelihood, despite what I wrote late last week, it will probably happen.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am glad I am only plunking down $9.99 for this one instead of the $49.99 the cable company used to steal from my bank account on a monthly basis. Reigns has been better of late as a competitor now that he has had his role redefined by the WWE – i.e. placed in situations where he has not had to carry the torch by himself. Thanks to the help of Randy Orton and now Dean Ambrose, Reigns is reaching another level of fandom where he could win the golden briefcase and cash in on the ticket to a WWE World Title.

Seriously, it could happen this weekend.

The WWE has finally come to its senses and began the quest of finding John Cena’s replacement as the leading face of the company – the wrestler who will stand above all and make it rain green for the promotion once the 38-year-old, 15-time world champion hangs it up. The prospect of Reigns taking over the “good ol’ boy” Cena routine falls on deaf ears and would fall flat in a Stamford minute.

While I like the idea of the WWE touting Kevin Owens, Neville and Sami Zayn as the company’s future along with Seth Rollins and Reigns, there is still one card that has not been played yet which could again shock the wrestling community.

What if Roman Reigns walks out of MITB with the WWE World Title strapped to his waist as a heel rather than a face?

I’ll give that a second or two to sink in.

The idea is fairly simple. The sudden reunion of Reigns and Ambrose has brought lots of attention back to the old Shield members with Rollins holding the WWE World Title. Ambrose is a solid main event star, but honestly, I cannot see him as a WWE champion for any length of time. The matches between he and Rollins are the magical in their stage. In this case, Ambrose is the “People’s Champion” in every sense of the word. The scenario I am talking about looks something like this.

Three world champions in one night, two matches, and Reigns walks out as the new leader of the band with the belt in place.

Let that one sink in as well. Here’s the plan.

Rollins walks into the main event match with the WWE World Title. It’s another instant classic from both superstars with Ambrose winning clean over Rollins and claiming the title. Before the match, however, is where it gets a bit dicey, and then exciting.

Reigns beats Sheamus in the end to capture the brief case in the MITB Ladder Match. The crowd accepts the win, but is not as excited as you would expect. After Ambrose beats Rollins in the middle of the ring Reigns comes down the aisle to congratulate his best friend who is tired and beaten all to hell. Instead, we get the Randy Orton-Triple H fast one all over again.

As Reigns lifts Ambrose’s arm in victory, he walks away only to Superman punch Ambrose, turn over the briefcase, cash it in and claim the WWE World Title.

At least the crowd gets excited about a heel turn from Reigns and accepts him in that capacity as the company champion. Brilliant, isn’t it? Now, there is heat for Ambrose vs. Reigns and somewhere, somehow, Rollins lurks in the foreground.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am sure this is a scenario that has been discussed over and over by many a fan. Frankly, we really have no idea how the end of the night will play out. Rollins screwed Reigns out of the title at Wrestlemania and the thought of Ambrose holding the gold before he gets his hands on it is a perfect set up for a heel turn – the only way the WWE knows how to make it work.

And in the end, Reigns’ reign will lead to a long heated summer with Rollins, Ambrose and – with a splash of Brock Lesnar added for good measure.

Now, if only it were to turn out that way… and better yet if only it would work.

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  1. I agree to the fact that Reigns should turn heel, despite being a Reigns fan. As Stone Cold said, he should be hated before he should be loved. But I wish there was a far better plan than turning him a heel and still becoming a fan favourite….. Well, gotta wait and see.


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