Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker: What Fans Missed with this WWE Showdown

Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker

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The match between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker was made official on Monday prior to Raw. The two men would come face to face last week for the first time since the Royal Rumble, where Reigns eliminated the Dead Man from the match.

Upon the news there were many who felt that there isn’t enough time to build a proper feud between the two men. However, if anyone noticed, Reigns has been taking on a more conceited attitude in recent months, particularly from when he eliminated Taker (he taunted Taker with ‘it’s my yard now’) to his introduction to Samoa Joe and so forth. So the seeds were definitely planted at the Rumble for these two to wrestle each other. Perhaps Reigns is getting a big head from that in addition to the successes he has already accumulated since his singles run in 2014. The story here is of course all about respect. Taker is the epitome of it, and he won’t have any problems putting the juggernaut in his place come WrestleMania.

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With that being said, the company absolutely has to propel Reigns into the dark side in this scenario and he shouldn’t look back for a long time afterwards. It is time for them to let go on Good Guy Reigns. Like, I literally want to scream it so loud they can hear me in Stamford. Turn this man heel. Let Good Guy Reigns go!

Being that a program with Taker will be part of the main event picture, I believe that the story should go back to when The Shield was able to take out Taker a few years prior. See, there is some depth to this feud already. Remember when The Shield laid him out in April 2013 and it wasn’t ever addressed again? Kane might of have avenged Taker by having a hand in The Shield’s first loss, but what about Taker? There you have it. The company should definitely revisit it and highlight Reigns’ success since then and thus it all goes back to how Reigns’ attitude has been lately.

The booking and building to this match must hit the mark and it must be a grand slam. It will be a suicide mission if the company is adamant of keeping a babyface Reigns walking into Orlando. But it’s known how they like to book Reigns similar to how South Park always kills Kenny. It’s almost the exact same thing. As far as who will claim the victory, it is very hard to say. A heel Reigns could definitely take the victory in Orlando. Otherwise I’d like to see Taker dial Reigns down a peg or two.

I honestly think that this match will make or break Reigns’ career and it all comes down to his direction and booking. I have no doubts that both of these men will put on a great performance that could very well be the talk of WrestleMania. However that won’t matter if the company doesn’t knock this storyline out of the ballpark. There is depth and history there, it’s up to the company to capitalize on that and, for a lack of a better term, don’t be stuck on stupid with Reigns. Let him go and unlock his potential as the bad guy.

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