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Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan Is One Big WWE Screwjob

Well Daniel Bryan fans you got what you wanted. The WWE is putting Bryan back into the WrestleMania picture with a top contenders match at Fastlane. Unfortunately for you, the WWE won’t be giving you the ending you’ve been dreaming about.

[adinserter block=”1″]Triple H announced the match on RAW Monday in an announcement that was billed as “ground breaking.” It will be more like spirit breaking as this is nothing more than the WWE having its fun with you. Those of you pondering whether this means a change in WrestleMania plans are fooling yourselves and need a reality check.

Stranger things have happened but I would be shocked if this match ends with Bryan winning and going to Mania. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that it shouldn’t happen. I think a Lesnar vs. Bryan match is more marketable right now. I just don’t think it will happen. I think the WWE are going to throw all of these Yes chants back in your face and use your hero to get their chosen one over.

The 1 million subscribers is all the WWE needs to justify this move. A day after a campaign broke out to cancel WWE Network subscriptions, the WWE announced its 1 millionth subscriber. That wasn’t coincidence. That is the WWE telling all of the critics and Bryan fans that you really don’t matter. Quite frankly I find it hard to believe but if you look at that post-Rumble jump you can’t do anything other than credit most of that to the interest in Roman Reigns.

I think that the WWE booked this match for a few reasons. For starters, I think they are testing Reigns. Let’s face it, the guy hasn’t had many singles matches on big shows. He needs to show fans and company that he can work like a headliner. Putting him in there with someone who can carry him like Bryan is the perfect way to do it. Bryan will give him a great match and a lot of doubters will have less fuel for their fire.

Two, they are putting this Daniel Bryan movement to rest once and for all. As long as Bryan is hanging around as a possibility, Reigns is going to hear boos from fans. A pinfall loss here to Reigns takes Bryan out of the title picture and fans can begin focusing on Reigns. I am not agreeing with that analysis but I can almost guarantee you that is a big part of the rationale behind making this match.

Third, maybe…just maybe Roman Reigns will turn. There are a lot of people who feel that the best way to book Reigns right now is as a heel. How hated will this guy be if he does something to screw Bryan and steal the win? I felt as if a turn was almost telegraphed at times Monday night and that this match will end with him as the new golden child of the Authority. Triple H calls this the reality era and since Reigns is truly the chosen one behind the scenes, maybe the WWE dramatize this for storyline purposes? It makes a lot of sense.

[adinserter block=”2″]One thing I can almost guarantee you is that Bryan is not leaving Fastlane as the number one contender. This company is way too arrogant to give the loud minority the match they want. This company is also way too stubborn to cancel a year-long plan due to perceived public pressure. What is right for business has yet to be determined. The only thing I can assure you Bryan fans is that the WWE is screwing with you and you are about to bend over and take it like a champ.

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  1. I don’t understand why so many “fans” are mad at Roman winning. If you have been watching for the last year, it was pretty inevitable that this is what has been coming for a while. I like Daniel Bryan, but I feel he needs to work his way back up after being absent for so long.

    • That’s a great point. I think that the blame goes with the booking as he should have booked to portray him working his way up the ladder. At the same time he was a champion who never lost the title so I can see it both ways.

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