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Roman Reigns Talks WWE WrestleMania 31 and Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns is potentially just a few weeks from taking his place on the proverbial royal chair as king of the WWE. Reigns had this chair pulled out from under him at WrestleMania 31 and recently offered up some interesting insight into that night.

Reigns failed championship win at WrestleMania 31 turned out to be quite the story, maybe bigger than if he had won the title. There were all kinds of rumors going around about Reigns and the title, some reporting that Reigns was told he wasn’t winning only hours before the match with others reporting that Reigns’ family was extremely upset about the last minute switch. Reigns set the record straight on all of the controversies and rumors behind arguably the biggest booking decision of 2015.

[adinserter block=”1″]Reigns was a guest on the Sam Roberts podcast and dismissed a lot of the above rumors and told Roberts he never talked to anyone about winning the title. Reigns was asked if the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania worked itself out differently if he would have been world champion leaving WrestleMania.

I don’t want to feel like I am backing out of your question with a maybe but that’s what we’re dealing with here because you just don’t know. (I) didn’t talk to anybody pretty much until the day of [WrestleMania 31]. I mean, I had an idea of what we needed to do and things like that, but I didn’t have a finish or anything like that.”

It’s interesting because many have claimed that Reigns was expecting to win the title and didn’t find out about the decision until shortly before the match. Technically that could be true if Reigns presumed he was winning but never asked anyone. It seems a little farfetched to me that he didn’t have any conversations about the finish before that night. Especially if his family was as upset as reported. If true, his answer certainly puts a lot of those rumors to rest about his reaction to not getting the title.

Even stranger, Reigns told Roberts that he thought he was going to be pulled from the match and replaced with Daniel Bryan.

I just felt like Bryan and his momentum and it was just going to happen to me and then we went into Fastlane,” Reigns admitted. “I don’t believe in just one guy. I don’t! I’m a team guy. I’m a football guy. That’s the background I come from.

If you recall, Dave Meltzer reported after the Royal Rumble that Bryan was indeed going to be put into the match. It’s funny because everyone thought the same thing as it was obvious Bryan had more momentum going into Mania than Reigns. Yet the booking team went with Reigns which in hindsight was probably the right decision, especially with Bryan getting hurt right after Mania.

[adinserter block=”2″]Reigns also talked about the match with Brock and whether the two had an agreement to hit each other as hard as they could.

You don’t talk about that. It’s WrestleMania. It’s Brock Lesnar,” Reigns continued. “He threw me around like a rag doll just like he does and I hit hard and I hit often just like I do. It was really neat and if we never do it again, I’m happy with that. I’m happy with that. My body finally feels okay from that, but it took a while, man. It really did.

It was definitely a physical match and unfortunately for Reigns, there are lots of rumors about a potential Reigns-Lesnar rematch at WrestleMania 32.

Check out the whole interview below or here on Stitcher.

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