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Roman Reigns Is The Man For Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title

The Internet is a buzz about what the WWE will do with the world championship. Daniel Bryan is out for an indefinite amount of time and the WWE has a big choice to make. Could this be the moment to finally pull the trigger and start the Roman Reigns era?

Don’t misunderstand me. I am a Daniel Bryan fan. I love his ring work and the Yes shtick has turned out to be pretty damned entertaining. Yet I still get the feeling that while he has the title, Vince and Trips are doing it with a wink and a nod. They are playing the hand that was dealt and these are two guys that like to be the ones dealing the cards.

The severity of the neck injury to Daniel Bryan remains unknown. Some have speculated he will be back in as little as three weeks while others say he could be out until the end of July. The worst case scenario would keep the championship dormant for too long. I don’t even think the company would wait on John Cena if he were out for several weeks as champion. That is why this unfortunate series of events may be turn into an unlikely opportunity, something that generally happens when top guys get injured in professional wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]So who does the company go to in this circumstance? Randy Orton and John Cena are been there, done that. Batista is leaving. Triple H is an interesting choice but not the right time. Brock Lesnar isn’t around enough to support the move. Cesaro isn’t ready yet and let’s not even joke about Kane. So who do you turn to? You go to the big dog, Roman Reigns.

We all know the inevitable here with Reigns. Reigns is destined for greatness. Reigns has been earmarked by the company to be a top star of the future. Some have called him the next John Cena. I know plenty of you are saying it is way too early, I disagree. This feud with Evolution is the right feud at the right time and Reigns may not be as seasoned as some hoped, but he is certainly capable of the job.

One criticism I can see coming now is that the fans would resent the immediate push. I disagree. Reigns is an explosive wrestler. The fans love that about him. What better way for the best explosive WWE star in the company to ascend to the top than by exploding right into the championship? There are plenty of scenarios where this could work and quite frankly I can’t think of a better way to get him to that level than by going all in on Reigns.

So what happens to Daniel Bryan if they decide to go all-in on the big dog? I hate to say it but injuries are an unfortunate part of this business. It can stop momentum dead in its tracks. I think (and this is unpopular) that Daniel Bryan is more of a “now” whereas Reigns is more the “future”. Reigns is a guy that can transition to the top level, remain on top, draw a fanbase, and deliver in a top spot. Bryan is the flavor of the month but he hasn’t moved any numbers and while he is worlds better than anyone in the ring, I just don’t think he has the same intangibles that Reigns has to become a top superstar.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know how you get there. Do you pull off a tournament? Do you match up a mystery guy against Kane at Payback for the championship? Do you have a Battle Royal? Does the Authority just make a random match? I’d like to see some kind of scenario similar to the Ultimate Warrior winning the intercontinental championship where Reigns just hits the ring, explodes, and walks away with the title. That is the only way this works.

Who knows what will happen? Nothing has been decided and for all we know the company will hold tight with Bryan. If not, there is a guy chomping at the bit and ready to take the next step and his name is Roman Reigns.

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  1. Reigns is my favorite wrestler, but I see Lesnar or even HHH getting the title first. But Bryan will probably be back soon anyway.

  2. I wouldnt hate it. They can keep him with the Sheild and him as champ could be absorbed into the fued with Evolution. Plus I think it sets up an explosive Summerslam main event if DB is back for that.


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