Roman Reigns’ Hernia Surgery May Be Best For Business


Roman Reigns is one of the most popular stars in WWE…and like several other stars (Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett for example), he is now on the shelf for the immediate future.

[adinserter block=”1″]In case you missed the segment explaining Reigns’ situation that has been playing on all WWE programming since it happened, Roman Reigns had to have emergency hernia surgery the day before Night Of Champions while in Nashville, TN.

He’s been performing with a hernia for quite a while, but it finally got to the point of being too painful and requiring surgery. He’s not going to be out for 4-6 weeks according to doctors, and possibly longer due to the severity of his hernia.

Though some of his most diehard fans and surely some of the backstage brass are freaking out at this development, Reigns being injured may actually be a very good thing.

It may, as they say, actually be “Best for Business.”


Well, several reasons:

1) The Forced Push

Roman Reigns was getting too hot too fast. Remember the “Die Rocky Die!” chants sent towards the Rock in the late 90’s? They happened while Rocky Maivia was getting his babyface push and the crowd didn’t accept him.

At first the crowd cheered Rocky. But after some time, they got tired of the one sided persona. His limited moveset. His wholesome demeanor. And his limited mic skills (yes, even the Rock at one time sucked on the mic). But because WWF/E was determined to try to get Rock over, he became more popular in storyline than he was with the fans. And the fans let him know. By chanting for him to die.

Fast forward to today with Roman Reigns. People aren’t chanting for his death yet…but you can see the same signs starting to brew. The unrest with Reigns’ 3 moves of doom. The outspoken concern that he is about as charismatic as Linda McMahon during his promos. And the overall apathy that more and more crowd are showing during his matches.

Let’s face it, sometimes people have been just plain quiet lately.

WWE has strapped a rocket to Reigns’ back, and he has been shoved down the throats of the fans. Perhaps this break from action and the spotlight is just what he needs to cool down and come back hotter than before.

2) His Absence Forces Storyline Holes

With Reigns out of the picture for at least 1-2 months, WWE creative is forced to get…well…creative! They now need to call some audibles, switch up some storylines, move guys around into different feuds and scrap a lot of what was happening. Which should be a breath of fresh air for all of the fans!

Most falls WWE has a pattern of shifting into “maintenance” mode between SummerSlam and Royal Rumble. They put the blinders on and go with a few safe storylines that can bounce titles back and forth between the same 2 guys for 4 months until we’re sick of it. This time, one of their main players is out. So they need to make a new plan. And because every Raw since SummerSlam has been universally reviewed as being “phoned in,” now is a better time than ever to shake things up.

Call me crazy, but forcing the writing team to think outside the box certainly can’t be bad for business.

3) Reigns Leaves an Open Spot For Talent

[adinserter block=”2″]Here’s the ugly truth about the politics of professional wrestling: There is only so much room at the top. Every guy (and diva) on the card has a “spot.” And to move up on the card, someone else has to move down…or move off. Right now, Reigns being moved off the card leaves a tremendous hole near the top for someone else to step into. The obvious choice right now is Dean Ambrose. And in my opinion, nobody deserves it more! Ambrose may be the most entertaining wrestler on the roster in a decade and the more screen time he gets, the better.

But not just Ambrose, this allows for our focus to shift to other storylines. Like the IC title, or US title, or bringing new talent up from NXT, or…ugh…the divas division.

For real though, there are a ton of ways WWE can fill the time Roman has left empty. There are a myriad of guys who would love to step up into his spot.

I just hope we don’t see creative get lazy and fill the time with sketches involving El Torito or the Bunny from the Exotic Express instead.


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  1. I find this to be a very hurtful column this is comparable to a player getting injured so that your favorite player gets more playing time.

    I agree Reigns was not ready for that push and even if he was working creative could have come up with a better solution removing Reigns from the title picture.

    This speaks more to the problem of the WWE overworking their talent in the fear of taking time off would lower their status.

    This scenario can be better handled


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