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Roman Reigns’ Grasp On WWE Dominance Isn’t Complete Just Yet

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He asked for it. He got it.

Since Roman Reigns declared it is finally his yard now, he had better take over Monday nights. In doing so, he had better set his sights on Brock Lesnar and the Universal Heavyweight Title. The man who retired The Undertaker is now the baddest man on the planet, at least in his eyes. And with that, WWE has proven that if they rode their horse long enough, it would prove to be the right champion.

There is no title yet for the three-time world champion, but you get the picture.

Everything the McMahons have done to make the former Shield member the focal point of Monday night entertainment has come to fruition.

(In my best Rock voice) Finally, Roman Reigns owns WWE.

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The promo Reigns delivered on Monday night to kick off Raw was potential the best he has ever given. The heat he took from the fans in the Amway Center in Orlando was electric. And for once the boos and chants were well-deserved. I’m still not sure which side of the fence the Roman Empire stands on. I really don’t think it matters. If there was ever a time for him to turn heel, this would be the moment. But as Triple H has eluded to in the past, as long as he is making the company money, WWE will keep the fans guessing. Maybe he has been a heel all along and we just haven’t realized it.

In this case Reigns could take down Ivan Drago, and still catch hell from an anti-establishment crowd.

Now with the Dead Man out of his way, I suspect there will be a strong push for Braun Strowman and Lesnar to challenge the newly crowned king of Monday night. Strowman even eluded to it when he confronted Lesnar in the center of the ring.

WWE has announced there will be a superstar shake up next week, with wrestlers moving from one brand to the next. This should not stop a program between the Beast Incarnate and Reigns. It actually may make the path smoother to a head-to-head confrontation.

In this case, if the Big Guy does not beat Lesnar and claim the title, then the build of making him the focal point of the promotion is worthless. At some point Reigns will have to carve his own path, escape from the John Cena shadow and kick ass his own way. For now, WWE is giving him an extremely long rope to work with.

Reigns winning the title could also end WWE’s fascination with putting its top titles on part time workers. Goldberg said he was miserable while wearing the strap and dropped it on Sunday night. Lesnar relishes wearing it but doesn’t spend enough time on television. And no matter how much Paul Heyman sells his client as the biggest thing since sliced bread, Reigns is still the baddest man on the school yard.

If anything, giving Reigns the belt means a potential he long run as the red team’s top antagonist.

I have subscribed to the idea of a heel turn and a union between Reigns, Triple H and a new heel faction that could involve Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. It’s far-fetched but a marriage between Triple H and the man he tried to work over for more than a year would send the proper message to the fans.

Remember what Ted DiBiase said, every man has his price.

WWE must now work to keep Reigns on the top of the ladder without taking the edge off his character. The man who ended Undertaker’s career must keep his foot on the gas if he wants to make his new-found success a new path to his greatness.

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