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Roman Reigns’ “Face” Time May Be Short in WWE

It may be hard to believe, but the WWE may already be planning a heel turn for Roman Reigns before he captures the WWE World Title at WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”1″]OK, it may not be hard to believe, but wouldn’t it make more sense to see how the future champion (according to me, the WWE Universe and any online publication you read) does as a face champion before making the turn to the dark side? Maybe not.

As read on, Reigns — who is supposedly WWE’s golden boy, and star of the future — has been cutting some horrendous promos on WWE television ever since he returned from injury in December, and the reason could be — according to F4WOnline’s Bryan Alvarez — that WWE could be planning on turning Reigns heel.

With Brock Lesnar likely leaving WWE after WrestleMania 31, WWE will be in need of a main-event caliber, monster heel, and Roman Reigns could be the man for the job.

Reigns hasn’t been getting the reaction from the fans that WWE has been wanting him to get leading into the Royal Rumble, where Reigns is expected to win, and head to the main-event of WrestleMania 31, where he’ll win the WWE championship. As a result, WWE may be looking to do with Reigns what they did with The Rock early in his career, which is turn him heel, then when he’s ready, turn him back babyface, and hopefully he’ll be WWE’s next mega-star.

It makes sense, but in the short run, the company needs Reigns to work on his delivery on promos and take down the big men of the company on his way to face the reigning, defending WWE World Champion in Lesnar. I like the idea of McMahon and his cronies wanting to set Reigns’ career path along the same lines as his cousin, The Rock, but Reigns can never reach the super stardom that was achieved in the past by arguably the greatest and most popular wrestler ever in the company.

To help Reigns with his journey, it is reported that McMahon himself has been writing all of Reigns’ promos as of late, and is adding comedy to them to humanize Reigns so the WWE fans can relate to him. Vince McMahon’s vision for Reigns is to make him a carbon-copy of John Cena, which many pro wrestling critics don’t believe will work. I for one do not like the idea either, and the comparisons to Cena and Reigns are as off as night and day. But the idea of Reigns playing the role of the perennial heel in McMahon’s circus makes plenty of sense. He looks as uncomfortable at being a face as Kane playing the role model role in the WWE.

The beginning premise of being a champions decades ago in professional wrestling was to be good looking, a well-spoken performer and a little bit better than your opponent. Reigns can be all that – sans the talking part. Maybe he should be paired with a manager. I hear Paul Heyman may be looking for a client after WrestleMania XXXI when Lesnar departs from the ring to the octagon. The thought of Heyman becoming Reigns’ mouthpiece with a WWE World Title on his shoulder is what is good for business and leads to a war of sorts with Cena, Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and anyone else they throw into the picture.

[adinserter block=”2″]How Seth Rollins fits into this program is anyone’s guess, but if Rollins and Reigns do battle before the eventual switch, WWE fans would FINALLY (in my best Rock voice) have want they wanted with two fresh faces challenging for the company title.

The Reigns heel turn is probably inevitable, and makes perfect sense. But for a moment, no actually a little span of time, can’t we just enjoy the idea of a new superhero fighting the bad guys of the WWE without the names of Cena, Bryan or Ziggler being mentioned? That might be too good to be true.

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