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Roman Reigns Comments on Getting Booed at the WWE Royal Rumble 2015

Roman Reigns got the Batista treatment from rabid WWE fans in Philadelphia after winning the Royal Rumble. How would Reigns react to getting booed out of the building during his defining moment? It didn’t take long to find out.

[adinserter block=”1″]Irate fans in Philadelphia took their frustrations out on Reigns after Daniel Bryan was eliminated early in the Royal Rumble. The hostile crowd made Reigns and the WWE look like fools, practically turning Reigns heel before the biggest run of his career. Reigns however took it in stride…at least on camera in this WWE post-match exclusive.

The WWE released a video on YouTube documenting Reigns day, beginning with Reigns walking into the building. The video was shot like a documentary and featured pre and post-match locker rooms with the former enforcer of the Shield. The video ends with a humble Reigns commenting on his win and fan backlash.

You know, what? I went out there, I did my thing. One hell of a crowd, you know what I mean? Whether it’s love or hate, if I can be out there that’s all that matters for me. If I can go out there and they’re going to make some noise… they’re going to do what they want, and that’s cool. They paid their money, they can do whatever they want, they can cheer, they can boo. As long as I can be a part of it and do my thing, I’m smitten, man.

Well that was certainly a much different take than when he was asked about his critics in an interview a few days before the Rumble on

Yeah, I think it’s hard not to pay attention these days with all of the social media networks and all of the different outlets. It’s so easy to connect with fans nowadays. You know, I have a Twitter and things like that. I’m not a crazy Twitter guy to where I’m tweeting out stuff every day and rarely even once a week, do I tweet. But I mean, occasionally, I read some stuff.

[adinserter block=”2″]The funny part is, you have a guy like me who is kind of getting like a mixed vibe from time-to-time. I get a lot of love and then you’ll get the hate in the middle of it but its just funny, the perspectives you know, the differences between the love and the hate. As far as the hate, it makes me laugh. Everybody is a critic. Every critic I’ve ever had, they weren’t wrestlers [laughs]. Every wrestler I’ve ever had critique me, they were always into my stuff or what I’m doing out there. For a non-wrestler, someone who doesn’t even know how to lock up, and if we did lock up, they wouldn’t know what to do, for them to critique any of us, it really does pop me.

That’s what haters do. They hate because they hate their lives.”

Looks like someone got himself a media coach.

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  1. Never been a big Reigns guy, even when he was in the shield. I think his in ring work in very limited. Maybe he is capable of more but a guy built to beat Brock has to have more than a big punch in his arsenal. Anyways, I think if more fans put these 2 interviews together its going to make his road to WrestleMania that much bumpier.


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