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Inside The Wheelhouse: ROH Glory By Honor IX thoughts

Shelton Benjamin, Charlie HaasI truly try not to “mark out” or show favoritism to a pro wrestling promotion or event but I have to because one promotion is forcing me too. It’s not like this promotion contacted me and has asked me to do this, I am doing this “mark out” all on my own because they spoon fed me one of the most entertaining wrestling events I have ever witnessed live on Saturday night. This promotion I am talking about and the event that is inspiring me to write this blog is Ring of Honor Glory by Honor IX.

This is not my first rodeo at a Ring of Honor event. I’m very lucky to have a good working relationship with Ring of Honor through our radio show The Wheelhouse. They have been very good to our show as well as good to me and inviting us to every show they have in New York City since December 2009. I have had the pleasure of attending three of the last four New York City shows ROH has performed.

The two other shows I attended were ROH Final Battle 2009 & the ROH 8th Anniversary show. Both shows were headlined by Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black with the latter of the two seeing a rare ROH World Champion change. They were both very solid and entertaining shows but none lived up to the hype & delivered on that hype like Glory by Honor IX did.

[adinserter block=”2″]To explain how good this show was on paper and how stacked it was look at the undercard for the match. The undercard was headlined by Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels, the first time the two have squared off in the ring in four years. This was a match that would headline Ring of Honor shows during its inception and it was on the undercard. A greatly built chain match between Colt Cabana & El Generico vs. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino was on the undercard and could be easily argued as the best built storyline in ROH in 2010.

The show itself was headlined & co-main evented by a Dream Tag Team match that lived up to its potential between the ROH Tag Team Champions “The Kings of Wrestling” (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team, the debuting Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. The match certainly in my opinion was one of the best tag team matches I have ever seen whether it be live or on television. The four wrestlers showed wrestling fans and the wrestling community that tag team wrestling is still an art form; that it shouldn’t fade away like the national promotions are trying to do with Tag Team wrestling.

I have always been big fans of the in-ring work of Shelton Benjamin and Chris Hero. I have made no bones about it on “The Still Real to Us Show” that I feel that Chris Hero should be in a national promotion now. He is one of the most talented wrestlers on the ROH roster next to Kevin Steen & Davey Richards and deserves to be recognized for the craft he brings to the ring. If you want the total package on the independent scene; someone who can talk on the mic as well as deliver in the ring then Chris Hero is that guy.

Shelton Benjamin to me is one of the best wrestlers the WWE dropped the ball with. Many people point the finger at Shelton himself for his demise in the WWE and whether or not that is true I will never know. But from what I saw inside the ring as a fan was that Shelton Benjamin had “it” and brought “it” in the ring every time I watched him wrestle. When the best wrestling announcer ever, Jim Ross calls you “the best pure athlete in the WWE” it means something.

The actual main event of GBH IX was the Tyler Black/Roderick Strong ROH World Championship match with the legendary Terry Funk at ringside. The match was overshadowed much by the fact that everyone knew this was Tyler Black’s last show and that he would more then likely drop the belt. The question from many fans was whether or not they would put the belt on Roderick Strong.

[adinserter block=”1″]ROH ended up putting the belt on Strong clean over the departing Black and making him the new ROH World Champion that night. Now I am not the biggest Roderick Strong fan in the world, I believe he is a talented wrestler in the ring no doubt and he being ROH World Champion is justifiably due but I’m just not sold yet. I don’t know what it is about Strong or not but I just don’t see it right now and it’s sad to say that because I have followed his work the last six years. I’m hoping the title reign grows on me.

The show ended with one of the biggest pops ever at any wrestling event I have attended. I had a feeling that he would return to his home city, in his home building and he did as “The Notorious 187” Homicide returned to Ring of Honor wrestling to confront the new World Champion. The minute Homicide’s music played in the building the place exploded. I mean literally exploded.

He was greeted with a word that begins with the letter “F” and the next word of the crowd’s mouth was TNA. (You can put two and two together folks) He challenged Strong at the next NYC show, Final Battle 2010 and made it known that Homicide was back in ROH. It was truly an amazing moment to put the icing on the cake for an amazing show.

It was finally nice to see wrestling return to its normal self after it being shelved on the major promotions in the United States. Can Ring of Honor capitalize on such a solid show? You can never truly tell but it certainly has landed on the right foot to step on.

If you get a chance to watch this show I fully recommend it as it is definitely worth it.

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  1. It's great to see ROH put on such a "Strong" show, pun intended. What a concept, coherent storylines, feuds that lead somewhere, and pay-per-views that deliver on their promises. I think if more people gave it a chance, ROH could easily compete with the Big 2. And you didn't even mention what was for me the biggest news of the show, Davey Richards is staying in ROH. As a huge fan of his, I was crushed when I heard he was retiring. He is someone I would gladly put my money down to see in action. Just the thought of the future wars he, Christopher Daniels, and Homicide can have while chasing the belt gives me chills. The clock hasn't struck midnight yet for Ring of Honor.


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