ROH on HDNet Recap 7-26


Ring of Honor on HDNetWelcome back loyal readers to this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet. There is lots of tag team action scheduled as well as a great main event match up. Let’s get right to the action.

The Kings of Wrestling vs. Josh Emanuel & “Ice” Jackson

The ROH World Tag Team Champions are taking on not one, not two, but three teams tonight. And first up are…these two nobodies. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. This is a four minute squash that shows nothing of the champ’s real talent.

The Kings of Wrestling vs. Adam Cole & Nick Westgate

The Kings no sell all the pathetic moves of these two jobbers. At least I’ve heard of one of these guys. I’ve seen Westgate before, and he wasn’t very impressive then either. This one lasts about two and a half minutes. I can’t wait to see what two lambs will be led to the slaughter next.

The Kings of Wrestling vs. The Ninjas

I didn’t know they had ninjas in Delaware, because these guys aren’t from the Orient. These guys are the Briscoes. Jay and Mark catch the Kings totally by surprise and hit the Doomsday Device for the quick win. Even with a good team, this was another quick match. I sure hope things get better as the show goes on, because we are not off to a good start.

[adinserter block=”1″] Christopher Daniels Interview

Kyle Durden interviews Christopher Daniels. The “Fallen Angel” is in the main event tonight against Roderick Strong. If there isn’t any interference in the match, this one could turn out to be great. Unfortunately that seems to be the case more often than not these days.

Dark City Fight Club vs. The American Wolves

Now this is going to be some real tag team action. As you know, I am a huge fan of the Wolves. They just never have a bad match. Here they can match the power of the DCFC and their athleticism isn’t even close. The Wolves dominate early with lots of high impact moves. They execute a double running dive through the ropes onto a prone DCFC at ringside. Richards gets Kory Chavis in the Texas cloverleaf and just for good measure Edwards hits a double stomp to Chavis’s back…from the top rope! Eventually the size advantage of the DCFC allows them to take control of the match, but only briefly. They try to double team Richards but he takes both men on and makes it back to his corner, dishing out some punishment along the way. Don’t they know it takes more than two men to stop “The Best in the World Today”? The match begins to break down as all four men get involved. And then it completely breaks down as The Embassy interfere as pay back for the DCFC coming to the aid of SkullKrusher” Rasche Brown last week. Oh well, another week, another unsatisfying DQ finish.

Christopher Daniels vs. Roderick Strong

[adinserter block=”2″]Here is the main event of the evening. These two were partners just a few weeks ago. Now Strong is in the middle of a full blown heel turn. Daniels is on a mission to claim his first ever ROH World Title and tonight is a great opportunity for him to take a step towards that goal. These are two highly skilled wrestlers and it shows early with lots of counter holds by both men. Daniels keeps going for submission maneuvers but Strong isn’t going to give up that easily. He gains the advantage and relentlessly stomps away on Daniels. He makes full use of the referee’s five count as he continues to inflict as much punishment as possible. This new aggressive heel persona suits Strong well. He continues to work the back of Daniels with a merciless array of back breakers, but he cannot put him away. Not even a back breaker on the ring apron is enough to get the win. I guess they don’t call Strong “the messiah of the back breaker” for nothing. Since Roderick can’t seem to finish the job, his “life intervention expert”, Truth Martini takes matters into his own hands by nailing Daniels with the Book of Truth when the referee isn’t looking. Strong then hits a vicious running boot for the win.

This turned out to be a good episode this week after all. It started a little slowly but the American Wolves were very entertaining, as usual, even though the ending to their match wasn’t. And the main event showcased two of the best workers the independents have to offer doing what they do best.

Vince DeHoratus lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two kids. He has been a life long wrestling fan and he has passed that love onto his son. Though not quite yet “middle aged and crazy”, he is fast approaching it.

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