Rock Vs. Punk 2 Set For WWE Elimination Chamber 2013

The Rock and CM Punk will rematch and headline the 2013 Elimination Chamber PPV in a match that is bound to excite and disappoint fans throughout the WWE Universe. Sorry Internet Wrestling Community but the WWE is about to rub some more salt in your wounds.

Just as the IWC are getting over their hero Punk’s 434 WWE title reign coming to an end thanks to an elbow drop, they are about to have a relapse. Punk and Rock will wrestle once again in three weeks at the WWE Elimination Chamber show. I hate to break it to you but you have no chance of seeing Punk leave the event as WWE champion.

The rematch was set up on Monday Night RAW, although it was tipped off early thanks to John Cena. Cena challenged the winner of the match to the WWE championship at WrestleMania 29 on RAW early in the show. The only problem is that the angle setting up the rematch hadn’t been shot yet. Oops!

The Rock did a great job of getting over how important the WWE title win was during a live promo on RAW in Las Vegas on Monday night. The Rock called the win his biggest of all championship wins. Punk interrupted him on the ramp. Punk then “gave Rock a championship rematch” in three weeks which The Rock accepted. It’s on!

There were all kinds of rumors floating around about what The Rock’s role would be at Elimination Chamber once it was confirmed that he would be wrestling on the February event. Early plans had The Rock in the chamber match either as champion or challenger, with Punk retaining at the Rumble. The title rematch between Punk and Rock is the best move in my opinion and one that will undoubtedly boost the show’s numbers well past previous annual Chamber events.

I also love the idea that they are keeping the WWE champion out of the match. One of the biggest gripes I have had in recent years is that this show comes too soon after the Rumble. The whole idea of the Rumble is that you have 30 guys battling it out for one title shot at WrestleMania. The angle gets watered down in my opinion when you come back less than a month later with five-six guys now getting an immediate title shot, which would take them into Mania with a win. I do enjoy the Chamber matches but I think it has taken a little lust off the Rumble in recent years due to the close proximity of the two events.

The only problem I see here is that nobody in the world expects Punk to win. It is hard to sell a match where everyone knows what the result will be beforehand. While I do love a good swerve, putting the belt on Punk here wouldn’t make any sense at all given the current direction of WrestleMania. It’d be a big surprise and maybe you could do it and put the belt back on RAW the next night on RAW. I just think that the WWE has such a goldmine with Cena vs. Rock 2 for the title that you want to do as little as possible to take the shine off of the match.

As for John Cena, I’d look for him to be involved in some kind of match with The Shield coming out of RAW. Maybe even an Elimination Chamber match with just six guys? Regardless, I would be shocked to see anything other than Cena and Rock leave the event victorious en route to WrestleMania.

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