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Learn Guitar on Rock Band 3 Pro Mode

Rock Band 3 GuitarThe music video game wars are heating up again in anticipation of holiday releases. Guitar Hero 6 plans to go back to its roots with more metal and guitar rock, while Rock Band 3 is planning on changing the industry altogether. If Rock Band 3 is everything it is promising to be, the rhythmic gaming industry will be changed forever.

It has been a while since Rock Band released a new full version of their franchise. Harmonix has just released details of Rock Band 3. In addition to new instruments, Rock Band Pro Mode could change the way we all play music video games forever.

While I was once a junkie in regards to my Guitar Hero and Rock Band play, I have definitely lost a lot of interest. Guitar Hero started gearing their video game to a more mainstream audience, while Rock Band rarely makes playing the guitar fun. This is all going to change. Rock Band 3 will feature a ton of new features, including one I am most interested about which is called Pro Mode.

Pro Mode sounds like one of the most promising features that I have ever read about to hit the video game market. Pro Mode allows users to learn how to translate your video game play on the instruments into real life. In other words, playing guitar in Pro Mode will teach you how to play a real guitar. A new Rock Band guitar featuring 102 buttons created like a real life guitar will give you the ability to take those shredding skills from the living room to your local rock club.

[adinserter block=”1″]Pro Mode is a very cool concept. C’mon, I am not the only one who at one time believed because I can shred through Slayer on Guitar Hero that I could just as easily pick up a guitar and start playing. Like most, I was dead wrong and it is easy to get caught up in the fiction if you play these games enough. Now, you actually could put down your plastic guitar once you play Slayer in Pro Mode, pick up a real guitar and play. Who said you couldn’t learn anything from a video game?

In addition to Pro Mode, Rock Band 3 has some other nice features. For one, users will be able to play every single Rock Band from DLC to the previous two software versions in the new game except for Beatles: Rock Band. I loved that about buying Rock Band 2 and never understood why Guitar Hero would constantly release new versions that couldn’t be played with the old one. What is the point of buying DLC if I can only play it on one version?

Rock Band 3 also promises better song management. Users will be able to save and create customized set lists. Thank goodness! I have accumulated a lot of Rock Band songs thanks to my DLC. It can get difficult to find what I need at times. This is something that is long overdue, especially with thousands of songs available for DLC.

[adinserter block=”2″]Rock Band 3 will also be adding more rockers. Seven people will be able to wire up or plug in and play on one song. Dual vocals and a keyboard will be an addition to the game. I am not too crazy about the keyboard but dual vocals could be a lot of fun.

So save your money on those guitar lessons, Rock Band 3 will not only teach you how to play guitar, but allow you to duet with your significant other. Hopefully the new changes in both Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero 6 can inspire old rockers like me to dust off the plastic and get excited about a night of music video games like I did three years ago.

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