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My Rob Van Dam WWE Wish List: Urena’s Universe

It is no secret that my favorite wrestler of all time is Rob Van Dam, so when I first saw his mug plastered all over WWE television, I immediately became excited for his return. Finally, the Five Star Frog splash, the Rolling Thunder, and the laid back and chill personality of RVD will be once again be present on my television screen.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now I know some people are skeptical of another veteran coming back, but I really believe that this will be a sight to behold as he tangles with the stars of today. Who wouldn’t want to see RVD go against the stars of today? Stars like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, the list goes on and on.

Critics say he’s not the RVD he used to be but those naysayers have so far been silenced after his recent performances on his tour of the independents. He appeared trimmer and extremely motivated to steal the show as he usually does. So with the excitement of his return I give to you my personal wish list of what I hope to see with the return of the whole F’N Show.

More Creative RVD Singlets – One of the best things about RVD is his creativity. Whether it’s with his fighting style or his gear, Rob Van Dam always stands out. With this new incarnation of Van Dam coming to the WWE, I want to see more updated designs so he can show off who Mr. PPV truly is. Those designs for his gear are awesome and some new ones will definitely be really cool to see.

A New Move to add to his Repertoire – It’s been a long time since his last new move was created and when wrestlers come back for another run, they have a new move to add to their move list. Chris Jericho debuted the Code Breaker after his return, so why not a new maneuver for Van Dam to add to his arsenal. Rob Van Dam is one of the most creative performers I have ever seen so I can definitely see him create as much buzz as he did when he invented the Van Terminator. Maybe we’ll see a Vannihilator?

A Tag Team with Kofi Kingston – This is just a personal thing I want to see since both are just very laid back performers with great moves and dual personalities. Who wouldn’t want to see an aerial offense of moves created by two great high fliers of this generation? They would be great opponents for the shield or the Usos or even Rey Misterio and Sin Cara if they ever tag up again. The possibilities are endless and it would just be badass to see them as a unit.

Matches Galore – Instead of posting all the dream matches I want to see as multiple things in my wish list I will just place them here. I want to see him face CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, PAC, and just want to see him go against the people that will get to that next level wrestling against RVD.

Interaction with Paul Heyman – This is a give in and I’m sure it will happen at Money in the Bank to start but the promos will be entertaining and even a feud between the two would be interesting to me as well.

[adinserter block=”2″]A Proper RVD Shirt – Again another personal gripe of mine as I have yet to find a WWE produced RVD shirt that I like. He is one of the best stars in a long time and he just hasn’t had a shirt that the design appeals to me personally. The Dragon one was kind of cool, but just not my style. I do have faith that there will be a few good ones in this next run as the WWE have recently been on a roll creating new merchandise for the current crop of superstars. If they can make a shirt like his gear I am sold!

We all await the return of RVD and on Sunday I will be screaming my head off at Money in the Bank. I will be 12 years old again and I will be pointing my thumbs cheering and hearing the initials R-V-D!

Agree or Disagree? Send me an email @ or follow me on twitter @SteveUrena.

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