Rob Van Dam Confirms WWE Return


Rob Van Dam returned to the WWE with a lot of hype last year only to disappear a few months later. Another run has always been expected but when has been the key question. A recent tweet from the former champ has helped answer that question.

[adinserter block=”1″]The former ECW and WWE champion has been rumored to be coming back to the WWE for several months now. His name popped up a few times as a possible Royal Rumble surprise and then there were the WrestleMania rumors. A recent backstage appearance at RAW has had fans asking and Van Dam has answered. The Pimp Hacker has cracked the story!

“@THEPIMPHACKER: Are you going to return by #Summerslam ? @TherealRVD ?” Indeed. – @TheRealRVD

So there you have it. Rob Van Dam says he is coming back. RVD says he will be back by SummerSlam. That leaves a pretty wide open window between now and then as to when he could return. All reports seem to indicate that he won’t be at WrestleMania. Maybe they give him the same run as last year and bring him back at Money in the Bank?

Numerous reports indicated that RVD and the WWE didn’t leave on the best of terms. According to several reports, the WWE expected Rob to re-sign and stick around a little longer. Rob on the other hand was ready to walk if his contract demands weren’t met and that is exactly what he did. It would appear that cooler heads have prevailed.

I have to admit that I was proven wrong on his last run. I predicted his run based on what he did in TNA. In TNA he appeared to slow down and didn’t show a whole lot of passion. Well that was TNA. In the WWE he absolutely turned it up a few notches. He wasn’t the RVD of old, but he wasn’t the same apathetic worker he was in TNA. I’d say he fit in quite well.

Unfortunately what I didn’t predict was the inept booking he’d receive from the WWE Creative Team. One would think that they would have had a solid plan for him coming in. Maybe he agreed to it but the run with Alberto Del Rio was terrible. I don’t know who had the idea to pair him with Ricardo Rodriguez but it didn’t work. RVD had a ton of momentum coming in and they quickly killed it.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am not sure what role he’d fill this time around. The company desperately needs mid-top heels and RVD is a babyface. I think they are a bit overloaded on the babyface side. I’d like to see what he and Brock could do. It’s an odd match but they worked together years ago and the match wasn’t that bad. RVD vs. Bray Wyatt could be another fun feud.

Regardless it looks Mr. Monday Night is coming back and it will be just in time for Money in the Bank.

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