Rob Van Dam Talks WWE Vs. TNA


It didn’t take long for Rob Van Dam to take a shot at his old employer TNA Wrestling. According to the returning WWE star, RVD will no longer have to tell fans where he has been now that he is back in the big league.

[adinserter block=”1″]RVD has never been a guy that gives a politically correct answer. RVD is known for his outspoken interviews, which is why the wrestling media are flocking to grab an interview with the former ECW, TNA, and WWE champion before he starts back at Money in the Bank. The fun topic of course is asking Rob about his three years in Impact Wrestling.

My friends over at VOC Nation were lucky enough to get the first interview with Rob since signing back with the WWE. The crew asked Rob about the difference between working for WWE and TNA and it would appear that Mr. Monday Night is happy to no longer be in charge of his own marketing.

“A lot of people didn’t notice a lot of what I did over the last 3 years. With one 48 second video, WWE made RVD more relevant than he had been in the past several years. A lot of fans don’t watch (TNA). People were asking me if I retired, and I felt like a constant ambassador telling people to watch TNA to see me.

Rob certainly isn’t the first person to say that about working in TNA. I have had ex-TNA wrestlers tell me the same thing on my radio shows and in shoot interviews. This is a constant theme among ex-TNA and WWE employees. I am not sure what TNA can do about that, especially since Rob was TNA champion and in a top spot.

Rob will be going back to the WWE with a reduced schedule. One of the main reasons Rob jumped to TNA over the WWE three years ago was the schedule. He talked about the schedule quite a bit when I interviewed him before going to TNA. The WWE has opened up to the notion of a reduced schedule and to Rob, that makes the deal that much sweeter.

Now things have changed; there’s different people in the office there that are more sympathetic and understanding to the road life combined with the wrestling career. They came around; this is going to be awesome. There is a lot of excitement.

Make no mistake about it, Rob is not interested in a full time gig. No matter what the payoffs are.

[adinserter block=”2″]”I’m definitely not interested in a full time schedule. I asked WWE before I left if there was anything for me part time (like TNA had offered), and they wanted me back but they wanted me full time.

Check out the interview at because this will probably be one of the last time you hear RVD interviewed before he starts back at Money in the Bank.

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