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Rob Van Dam Talks WWE Return and Opponents

[adinserter block=”1″]Fans all over the wrestling world are excited to see Rob Van Dam back in the WWE. Yet there may be nobody more excited than Mr. Monday Night himself RVD as he jumps back into the WWE fire.

RVD is out doing interviews and he certainly isn’t one to give political answers or dance around a question. Rob is probably one of the more honest interviews in the business and I say that as someone who has interviewed him before. Rob was recently stopped by Arda Ocal and asked a couple of questions regarding his return.

It is no secret that one of the main reasons that the former WWE and ECW champion left the company a few years back was the schedule. Rob wanted to spend more time at home with his family and at that time it was either an all or nothing schedule to be a WWE performer. Things have changed and Rob credits that to Chris Jericho.

“Well, it remains to be seen exactly throughout the whole year, all right? But we’re taking it more like baby steps at a time. You might want to look at how often you see Chris Jericho. I think he kind of precedented (sic) this kind of schedule and thinking.”

It is interesting that Jericho did break that barrier down with the schedule. Sure guys like Brock Lesnar and The Rock came back and worked part time but those guys were exceptions to the rule. Jericho really did break down that door for someone like him and Rob who are superstars but maybe not the mega stars that have gotten those breaks in the past.

Rob was also asked who he wanted to work with when he came back. Rob gives a typical but brutally honest Rob Van Dam answer.

“Whoever makes me the most money. That’s the honest answer in my heart. That’s one question I hate getting asked because I do not look at wrestlers and go ‘oh, I want to work with that guy, I want to work with that guy.’ I don’t do that, I never have. So, to be completely honest, I would love to work with whoever is the main event at WrestleMania because that’s the big pay day.”

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s easy to break that down and come to a couple of conclusions. John Cena would have to be at the top of the list because I don’t know if Rob is making more money with anyone besides Cena. Brock Lesnar would also have to be a consideration and of course CM Punk. All are fine choices if Rob is looking to get the most money out of his dance partner. It may not be the answer some of you were looking for but it’s as brutally honest as you get.

He’s certainly off to a good start with Money in the Bank!

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