Rob Van Dam Should Win WWE Money In The Bank


It is a rare opportunity when the WWE gets a superstar handed to them with the signing of a contract. Rob Van Dam is that guy and the early buzz on the returning champion tells me he should win Money in the Bank 2013 and challenge John Cena.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now if you have followed me on Twitter or read my previous blogs on RVD returning you’ll notice something right away. I am a hypocrite. I have warned fans in recent weeks that they should temper the excitement for RVD until they see him as based on his disappointing run in TNA Wrestling. While I still have some reservations I have changed my mind on RVD and the ROI WWE could get.

RVD said it best when asked in a recent interview about the difference between working in the WWE and TNA. Rob told the interviewer that the WWE created more promotion and buzz in 45 seconds around him than TNA did in three years. WWE has something here and it may not last long which is why they need to strike while the iron is hot on their new investment.

RVD should win Money in the Bank and he may. The buzz he has right now should be used to cash in on the emotions on WWE fans. Booking Rob to win is different than say elevating someone like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk when they did a couple of years back. WWE fans know RVD and they already believe he is a star. Giving him the win and a run at Cena is not only believable, but probably the best move for business right now.

There were reports a few weeks ago that Vince McMahon wanted to make 2013 an epic year for Cena. The idea behind the Three Stages of Hell Match was to give Cena a classic win. The idea for Daniel Bryan to wrestle Cena in Philadelphia was based on Cena having an epic match. Let’s be honest for a second. Cena has probably had two epic matches in his career. One was against CM Punk in Chicago and the other was against RVD in New York. We’ve seen the Punk series and now it’s time to pay off the RVD series.

Recreating the magic of Cena vs. RVD outside of an ECW-themed show at the Hammerstein Ballroom is next to impossible. However, RVD has always been wildly popular in the WWE. RVD coming back, winning MITB, and calling out Cena would immediately give the match that same dynamic. Put a couple of video packages together chronicling their first match and the WWE could do a really nice job of setting the table for a fantastic environment.

Of course the casualty here would be Daniel Bryan. Bryan is penciled in to win MITB and challenge Cena at SummerSlam although that could change at any time. I am a big Bryan fan but if I am looking at money, there is much more money in RVD winning MITB and challenging Cena than Bryan. There is more money in repackaging Bryan and turning him into a serious contender at the end of the year or in 2014.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE will only get one shot like this with RVD. Sure RVD can work a program with Cena down the line and it’d still be fun to watch. However, it won’t have that same punch as RVD walking back in after a lengthy hiatus, winning Money in the Bank, and calling out the guy he beat in their epic match. Wait any longer and you give the WWE Creative Team ample time to get their hands into this and muddy the whole thing up.

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  1. "I am a big Bryan fan.."

    ^ No you're not.

    "… but if I am looking at money, there is much more money in RVD winning MITB and challenging Cena than Bryan. There is more money in repackaging Bryan and turning him into a serious contender at the end of the year or in 2014."

    ^ That would be a very foolish decision. RVD is an old, part-time worker. Bryan is the most over guy in the company and this is a very critical moment in his evolution. The WWE needs to build new stars. You don't leave Bryan hanging and try to rebuild him in freaking 2014. We're in July. Are you crazy? Strike while the iron is hot.

      • That one snide remark, although centered on an idea that is fair, logical (as you pointed out) and quantifiable, doesn't negate- or even address- any of my points.

        Cena has been the top guy for a decade. He's reliable and bankable. When you take him out of the main event or feature somebody else who hasn't made it big yet, of course the ratings will dip. That's the WWE's fault for building other guys up. It's the WWE's fault for ignoring Punk's request to have a live mic for years. It's the WWE's misfortune that Lesnar's heart wasn't in it, Batista's heart wasn't in itm Lashley's heart wasn't in it and Orton was immature.

        Something remarkable happened a YEAR ago, when the genuine, grassroots YES!/NO! phenomenon erupted at WM. WWE never took the time to give Bryan a face push with the crowd support until now. He just beat Orton clean in the main event of Raw. His matches are inspired. He's over. He's Daniel Bryan.

        RVD is unreliable. He's old. He's the guy who was given a HUGE win over Cena and squandered it. He's a pothead. Sure, the crowd loves him, but he's a part-time worker.

        The WWE messed up Ryback and neglected Bryan for far too long. They need new stars. Besides, The Shield, their track record has been pretty terrible in recent times.

        Why on earth should they repackage Bryan in late 2013 or 2014? It's a miracle they're pushing him right now! Due to the traditionally neglectful booking of people of his stature, the man had to risk his job (or at least his position on the card) by arguing with Triple H when he didn't get that clean win over Orton the first time. Bryan understands how tenuous his position is. You should too.

  2. " Cena has probably had two epic matches in his career." So guys like HBK, Brock Lesnar , Edge , Randy Orton , JBL and even Umaga never had "epic" matches ?

  3. Agreed. I cant see rvd getting a big push as a part-time guy, but then again i thought that about the rock and y2j and i was wrong lol. I do agree that creative should build off the return-hype but i cant see him winnin mitb. good article

  4. I thought van dam did not want to be a full time guy? how can they give him a big push and make him a part of a big story line if he only is going to be a part timer?


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