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Road to Joshimania – Binky’s Ball

Manami Toyota will be at Chikara King of Trios '11With all the back & forth regarding the WWE’s women’s division, something refreshing has come out of the east coast indy landscape that any wrestling fan should take notice. Even the most jaded fan of women’s wrestling can appreciate this.

The little kitchy quirky promotion that could CHIKARA has announced their 3 day Joshimania December 2nd, 3rd & 4th in Philadelphia, Massachusetts & Manhattan. Details are still emerging as the days go by but based on the announced roster coming in, you have to be crazy not to try to hit up one of the three shows. Major Joshi promotions consisting of DAIJO, Pro Wrestling Wave, JWP, Sendai Girls, OZ Academy are all featured. If you are unfamiliar with any of them, start hitting up the YouTube.

[adinserter block=”2″]Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Gami, Mayumi Ozaki, Meiko Satomura, Toshie Uematsu & Commando Bolshoi are some of the confirmed names listed for this multi-day event. These are the wrestlers I grew up watching as a middle school/high school tape trader as my listing of Oz Academy, ARISON, GAEA tapes are massive. Watching them take their skill set to the limit and beyond was a art form playing on the television screen. This was before the rise & continued evolution of promotions like Shimmer & WSU who bring good women’s action domestically.

Toyota, Kong, & Ozaki are the pioneers of Joshi. They embodied the infamous “Fighting Spirit” every time you see them compete. Pull any combination of matches they been featured in & you will see the clinic of all clinics. I don’t need jokes about puppies, pigeons, or or any other crazy phrase involving animals intertwined as a connotation to ladies body parts. These are hard hitting athletes who have inspired generations of women’s wrestlers domestically & internationally. Their fight knows no limits & it’s a miracle the ring wont explode with the level of talent about to be unleashed.

Now the way Chikara has been promoting the event early has been very methodical debuting videos of the competitors on their YouTube page Good move on their part as giving the fan a preview of the type of action to expect if their unfamiliar in the world of joshi. I’m thoroughly excited over Ozaki as she is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I’m intrigued at the match pairings. Will it be a strictly Joshi affair, will we have current domestic based female wrestlers such as Sara Del Ray, Daizee Haze, Mercedes Martinez etc thrown into the mix? And I would love to see Kana, a Joshi powerhouse on the card as well as she been quite the Chikara mainstay as of late.

This not a event for the wrestling faint of heart or someone who says “women cant wrestle”. For that gentlemen I have to issue a GTFO card. Joshi past, present & future will collide on the east coast the first weekend of December. So take the time out if you can, drop down the money & see the best women’s action to be shipped from Japan.

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