Saturday, May 28, 2022

R.I.P. Harry Kalas

I am stunned and shocked to hear the news about Harry Kalas. I am what you would call a quasi-Phillies fan. I live and die by the Eagles. I watch the Phillies casually, go to about 10 games a year, and have been lucky enough to attend one World Series game in 1993. Big Phillies fan or not, losing Harry the K is like losing a friend.

Harry Kalas is bigger than the Phillies or even baseball. It is not uncommon to hear Harry several times a day on the NFL Network. It is not unlikely to hear Harry pitching some kind of product on television at 3 AM. The bottom line here, is that it is not uncommon to hear Harry Kalas once a day whether or not you are watching or listening to a Phillies game.

This one is going to hurt for awhile. I remember how torn up Philadelphia was when we lost Gene Hart and Richie Ashburn. Do I dare say that Harry Kalas was bigger than those two and even bigger than the biggest voices in Philadelphia sports history? Harry’s son will continue the Kalas tradition, but there will never be another Harry Kalas. Mark my words on that one.

God bless Harry the K, and everyone who sheds a tear on this day in his memory.



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