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Ring of Honor on HDNet Recap – Feb. 08

Ring of Honor on HDNetWelcome loyal readers to what is the first in a weekly series chronicling the happenings in Ring of Honor wrestling. In this series, I will recap the weekly television program and provide some thoughts and opinions along the way.

This week’s program begins with a recap of the previous week’s main event, Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong. ROH World champion Austin Aries came out and distracted Roderick Strong allowing Tyler Black to get the win. This match is part of the storyline involving the ROH World Championship. At the next pay-per-view, Tyler Black will be challenging Austin Aries for the title. If the match ends in any other way besides a pin fall or submission, three judges at ringside will determine the winner. The three judges are Roderick Strong (face), Kenny King (heel), and ROH commissioner Jim Cornette.

[adinserter block=”1″]Anyway, back to this week’s program. Jim Cornette comes out and introduces Tyler Black. Tyler says he had no idea that Aries interfered in the match last week. Roderick Strong then comes out and says that he’s not so sure he can trust Tyler anymore. Nothing like having the judge that’s supposed to be on your side mad at you. They exchange some words back and forth but in the end nothing comes of it.

Alex “Sugar Foot” Payne & Bobby Dempsey vs. Steve Corino & Kevin Steen

This is a pretty standard tag match. With Corino’s influence, Steen has really started to let his dark side out. Most of the match is controlled by Corino and Steen, with Payne taking the worst of it (ironically enough). The good guys get a late flourish but ultimately the heels are too much and Steen delivers his signature move, the Package Piledriver (like a regular piledriver, but instead of grabbing the waist of the opponent, he puts his arms underneath the opponent’s arms and grabs their legs by the knees), followed by a Sharpshooter just to add insult to injury.

Backstage with “The American Wolves”

Kyle Durden is backstage interviewing “The American Wolves”. The tag team division is really the strength of ROH in my opinion. And Davey Richards is my favorite wrestler in ROH. In my opinion, he is the spitting image of Chris Benoit. And I mean that in the great in-ring work way, not the go insane and kill your family way. The Wolves have been selected by the fans to face The Young Bucks in a tag match tonight. Because ROH tapes their programs well in advance of the air date, something odd has happened here. By the time this aired, The Young Bucks had already left ROH for TNA. You might know them know as “Generation Me”. Anyway, the Wolves look really intense and seem determined to make a statement tonight.

Dark City Fight Club vs. The Bravado Brothers

The DCFC were passed over by the fans in favor of the Wolves in the fan voting to face the Young Bucks and they do not look happy about it. This match lasts maybe 90 seconds with the DCFC using their power bomb/neck breaker double team finisher to end it. Now that’s a squash match.

Prince Nana Interview

Prince Nana talks about the influence of his heel faction “The Embassy”.

Austin Aries Interview

“A Double” and Kenny King are in the ring talking up the pay-per-view.

The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves

[adinserter block=”2″]This is the main event. The Briscoe’s come out and offer a title shot to whichever team wins. This should be a great match. The obvious comparison for the Young Bucks is The Hardys. I prefer to think a little more old school and go with the Rock ‘n Roll Express. The early part of the match is dominated by the Young Bucks and their athletic high flying maneuvers. Eventually the Wolves start to overpower the Bucks. I really enjoy watching these two teams wrestle. The athleticism of the Young Bucks blends perfectly with the high impact Japanese style of the American Wolves. This match is all action, no five minute reverse chin locks here. Lots of big spots and frequent tags. The last five minutes is nothing but near pins and non-stop action. The crowd starts chanting, “THIS IS AWESOME”, and I have to agree. Finally, Davey Richards goes for his DR Driver, a butterfly brain buster, but Matt Jackson counters and gets the rollup for the win. The match lasted 22 minutes and I was into it the entire time. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to see these two teams lock up anymore. If you don’t get HDNet where you live then I strongly advise you to check out the Young Bucks, I mean Generation Me on TNA Impact. They are worth it.

For the first 40 minutes of the broadcast this was an average at best show. But the last match more than lived up to the hype and is exactly the reason that I turn to ROH for true wrestling entertainment.

Vince DeHoratus lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two kids. He has been a life long wrestling fan and he has passed that love onto his son. Though not quite yet “middle aged and crazy”, he is fast approaching it.

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