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Ring of Honor on HDNet Results & Recap – May 03

Ring of Honor on HDNetWelcome back loyal readers to this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet. After the high of last weeks thrilling finale to the Ring of Honor World Television Title Tournament, I feel a little like my kids at 9:00 AM Christmas morning. Now that I got what I wanted, what do I have to look forward to? Actually I can look forward to being in the crowd with my son one last time, so this is my last chance to get some good face time on HDNet. Let’s get to the action.

Joey Ryan vs. Roderick Strong

Oh yeah, Joey Ryan is in the house. “Who Wants A Mustache Ride!!!” I get a kick out of Ryan’s sleazy 70’s porn star gimmick. It’s a very fine line with me, Joey Ryan I find entertaining, Rhett Titus I find creepy. This match continues a very nice trend lately for ROH, competitive matches. I get tired of seeing 3-5 minute squash matches all the time. Ryan controls most of the action during this match. Strong looks like he is looking ahead to his next match, against Tyler Black on May 8th in New York for the ROH World Title. The Embassy tries to interfere but it backfires on them as Strong catches Ryan in his Strong Hold finisher (Walls of Jericho) for the tap out win.


[adinserter block=”1″]Next we see a recap of last weeks amazing finale to the Ring of Honor World Television Title Tournament between Davey Richards and new champion Eddie Edwards. There is some bonus footage that shows Eddie announcing to the crowd that the American Wolves will go on. Have you seen this match yet? Didn’t I tell you to watch it? Is there anybody out there?
Dark City Fight Club vs. Caleb Connelly & Pee Wee

Oh-oh we have a wrestler named Pee Wee, this doesn’t look promising. Connelly starts the match off and gets totally dominated. Pee Wee starts yelling that he wants in, so the DCFC oblige him. And proceed to beat the hell out of him. Pee Wee over sells the moves a bit too much though. Every forearm to the back looks like he just got hit with a sledgehammer. The DCFC end it quick with a power bomb to Pee Wee that John Davis holds onto and then converts into their Project Mayhem finisher.

Kings Reign Supreme…

The new ROH World Tag Team champions, the Kings of Wrestling, have some news for the former champs the Briscoes. If the Briscoes want a rematch for the belts, they are going to have to wait. Needless to say, Jay and Mark are not too pleased with this, and they let Jim Cornette know about it. But right now Cornette has other matters to attend to. More on that in a moment.

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Next is an amusing little filler skit with Sonjay Dutt teaching Colt Cabana the art of pimping.

“Butcher’s Rules”

Jim Cornette is talking backstage with the Necro Butcher, who has been suspended from television for the past several weeks since he punched the time keeper at ringside. Cornette tells Butcher that he can’t have him assaulting crew members so he’ll make a deal with him. If he promises not to touch the crew, all his matches are under “Butcher’s Rules” which means anything goes. Ummm, how is this different from any of his previous matches.

Austin Aries Promo

Nice promo here. A-Double works the mic like no other. He really makes a good heel, full of bravado, full of swagger, and totally full of himself.

Necro Butcher vs. Robbie Wolf

Here is the first match under Butcher’s Rules. And it’s just Necro grabbing anything not nailed down and pummeling this poor clown with it. I think a better angle would have been Necro not being allowed to be extreme. They could have strung that along for several weeks until he finally snaps and goes nuts on everybody. Oh well, another lost storyline opportunity.

Tyler Black Promo

The champ shoots on Roderick Strong in preparation for their title match this Saturday in NYC.

Austin Aries vs. Delirious

[adinserter block=”2″]Here is the main event of the evening. Kenny King is at ringside for Austin Aries while Delirious has Daisy Haze. I think I’ll give Aries the edge. King makes his presence felt right away as he distracts Delirious and allows Aries to take advantage. Aries employs lots of high impact maneuvers but Delirious keeps kicking out. Aries gets frustrated and loses focus allowing Delirious to take control. He hits a nice cobra clutch suplex move on Aries for a two count. Then things get weird. Aries kicks Delirious right in the throat and Delirious begins writhing around in pain. The ref stops the match and calls for help. My son, sitting ringside with me, gets real worried. He thinks something serious just happened. Daisy is crouched next to Delirious, who looks like he’s having trouble breathing. All of a sudden, Aries attacks Haze from behind. King drags Delirious out of the ring right in front of my seats. King then jumps the barrier and yells at us to get out of the way. My son looked absolutely terrified at this point. King holds Delirious across the barricade and Aries flies off the tope rope onto him. But the real news is that right as Aries flies, to the left of Kenny King are me and my son right there on the screen. I finally got my big moment on the air! Anyway, back to the match, Jerry Lynn comes out to run off Aries and King.

This episode was a nice follow up to last week. The matches were solid and entertaining. Nothing was going to top last weeks show, but seeing me and my boy front and center on the screen in high definition certainly came close.

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Vince DeHoratus lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two kids. He has been a life long wrestling fan and he has passed that love onto his son. Though not quite yet “middle aged and crazy”, he is fast approaching it.

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