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Ring Of Honor Makes Pro Wrestling Fun to Watch Again

2013 was a boring year for professional wrestling and with the current World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Non-Stop Action programming, 2014 looks to be more of the same from these two major players. When WWE launched its new Wednesday night show on ION Television, Main Event it had that big event feel to it with WWE offering some great first run matches that lasted well over 30 minutes (including the commercials). Over time the show has become nothing more than just another lame mid card WWE Superstars show. What was once WWE’s best show on TV has gone from Main Event to ‘lame’ event. The show features nothing but predicable and boring matches.

[adinserter block=”1″]WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw and Friday night staple, SmackDown had a few great moments in 2013, but most of them are forgettable. I understand that both John Cena and Randy Orton are supposed to money for the company, but neither of them needs the titles to get over. Unless there is a bigger picture with Daniel Bryan, WWE should have made him champion long time ago and dropped the ball.

TNA continues try to attract viewers but needs to overall their product greatly. With Jeff Jarrett gone from the company he built from the ground up, I don’t know what the future holds for TNA Impact which still has great potential.

With all this said, at the end of 2013, one of the local television stations in my market was acquired by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which started airing Ring of Honor Wrestling. In the past prior to Ring of Honor airing in my market I would watch bits of ROH online but I’m not a fan of watching TV on my computer.

When ROH debuted in November of 2013 in my market, I set my DVR to check out the ROH product under the Sinclair banner. While they don’t have the big name superstars that WWE or TNA possess, what sets them apart for me is the wrestling. Yes, I agree that household names is what can contribute in making a promotion that much more marketable, but for me it’s not necessarily about household names, it’s all about the wrestling. If the product is boring, household names won’t do justice. WWE needs to scale RAW back to its original two hour format, and TNA needs to step into 2014 and stop being a WWF Attitude Era show. ROH lets the action do the talking. They have more wrestling in a 60 minute program that WWE has in with three hours of Monday Night RAW.

ROH reminds me of the old National Wrestling Alliance World Wide show that aired in Syndication back in the 1980’s followed later by WCW Saturday Night in old Atlanta, GA Center Stage location – smaller venues’ and a lot of pure wrestling action with just enough dialogue to still tell good story with a lot of solidarity.

[adinserter block=”2″]2013 was a year I had basically given up on Pro Wrestling, but now after watching ROH the last four months, I’m reliving the 1980’s with a modern day promotion that makes watching wrestling fun again.

By Jerome Wilen (

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