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Ring of Honor on HDNet Results & Recap – April 12

Ring of Honor on HDNetWelcome loyal readers to this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet. After an episode last week that was well below average, I am really looking forward to this week’s show. The ROH World Television Title Tournament resumes tonight, and yours truly is in attendance.

I am sitting in the second row with my eight year old son Vincent by my side. This is his first live Ring of Honor event. And since ROH tapes multiple shows in one night, we will be in attendance for the next several episodes. But enough about me, let’s get to the action.

In the ring with Jim Cornette

After a Big Bang recap, where Tyler Black successfully defended the ROH World title, the commissioner brings the champ out to the ring. Black comments on his feud with Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. I actually have to give the production crew credit on this one. This interview was recorded before Big Bang, but his comments actually make it sound like the aftermath of the pay-per-view. Nice recovery from the debacle that was last week’s show. Davey Richards comes out to challenge Black for the title. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the American Wolves.

Jerry Lynn Retrospective

Next we see the same highlight package we saw last week detailing Jerry Lynn’s year in ROH. One thing I forgot to mention last week was the segment involving one of the two actual appearances that Ric Flair made for ROH. Might as well use the footage, it cost you enough. That sure was money well spent.

Jerry Lynn vs. Jake Manning

Lynn comes out to a loud pop from the crowd, who chant, “Welcome Back”. I’ve never been a huge Jerry Lynn fan, but he does put out good effort. This match has good pacing and lots of counters. Lynn puts Manning over pretty good here, allowing him to control a fair amount the action. But you just know there is no way Jerry Lynn is losing his return match. And the cradle piledriver makes sure of it. Afterward, Lynn calls out Kenny King for almost ending his career.

The winners…And New ROH World Tag Team Champions!

At the Big Bang pay-per-view the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, defeated the Briscoes to capture the tag team titles for the second time. All Hail the Kings!

Backstage with Steve Corino

Kyle Durden interviews Steve Corino, who shoots on El Generico. Corino has real good mic skills and as I’ve said before, he makes a better manager than wrestler these days. I’d prefer to see him as Kevin Steen’s mouthpiece instead of embarrassing himself in the ring.

Steve Corino vs. EL Generico

[adinserter block=”1″]Corino comes out dressed in a suit. Something tells me he isn’t in the mood to wrestle tonight. He then proceeds to cut a great promo on El Generico. He makes a great heel and he doesn’t mind generating the cheap heat. How cheap? At one point he says he used to think of Generico as a cancer but actually he’s full blown aids. Interestingly enough, the network bleeped the word aids on the telecast. Corino refuses to fight and forfeits the match. After some more words, Generico finally snaps and beats the hell out of Corino, who winds up having his nice outfit torn to shreds by the generic luchador.

By the way, if you were curious what your favorite wrestling blogger looks like (no not Eric Gargiulo wise guy), here is a screenshot. I am wearing the old school #7 Eagles jersey (Jaworski not Vick) and my son is to my right.

Television title Tournament Recap

Next we see the same recap of the first round of the TV Title tournament that we saw last week. Could we at least get some new filler please?

Backstage with Eddie Edwards

Kyle Durden interviews Eddie Edwards about his upcoming TV title match. Eddie is in no mood to discuss the possible breakup of the American Wolves. Kenny King interrupts the interview and warns Eddie not to plan on an all Wolves finals just yet. Kudos to Kenny King for wearing a Thunder Cats t-shirt. King takes on Davey Richards next week in the other semi final match.

World Television Title – Semi Finals – Kevin Steen (1) vs. Eddie Edwards (6)

[adinserter block=”2″]This is the main event of the evening. Although I must note that at the taping this was actually the first match of the night. The crowd seems a little reserved during this match, and I think that is the reason why. I myself didn’t want to get to rowdy right away, not with three hours of matches to go. At my age you have to pace yourself. Steen starts off by shooting on Generico and commenting on Edwards’ injured elbow. The early part of the match has Steen working the elbow repeatedly. One nice spot that you don’t really appreciate on television was when Steen was outside the ring and Edwards ran and dove through the ropes onto him. This was right in front of us and I really thought he was going to overshoot him and wind up right in our laps. I think I might have even flinched, just a little bit. When the fans do finally get vocal, they are solidly behind Edwards. These two are telling a great story in the ring. Edwards is really selling the injury with every move he attempts. Steen grows increasingly more and more desperate as he can’t put Edwards away. Lots of near pins towards the end really brings the crowd alive. Steen hits a Swanton Bomb for two. Edwards with a Code Breaker off the top rope for two. Steen eventually catches Edwards in the Cross Face and I was sure that this match was over. Suddenly El Generico comes out and Steen releases the hold. While he is glaring at Generico, Edwards rolls him up for the 1-2-3. A great match by these two and it’s on to the finals for Edwards.

This episode of ROH was all about the main event. An awesome match by Steen and Edwards has me half way to my dream finals of Eddie Edwards against Davey Richards. Will Davey hold up his end of the bargain and make it? Will I get more face time on television? Tune in next week to find out.

Vince DeHoratus lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two kids. He has been a life long wrestling fan and he has passed that love onto his son. Though not quite yet “middle aged and crazy”, he is fast approaching it.

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