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Riddick Bowe Wants Fourth Fight With Evander Holyfield

bowe vs. holyfield44-year old Riddick Bowe is calling out 49-year old Evander Holyfield for a heavyweight boxing rematch from their last fight from over sixteen years ago. Was Tony Tubbs unavailable?

Yes, the buzz has begun for a potential Holyfield vs. Bowe 4. Bowe gave a fascinating interview to the Boxing Tribune recently in which he discussed his career highs and lows as well as his plans for another comeback. His comments regarding a fourth fight with Holyfield is what’s making headlines.

[ad 6]Bowe was asked by the Tribune about “giving fans” a fourth fight with Holyfield.

Oh man, I would love to fight Evander Holyfield. I don’t think any of the other great heavyweights fought four times – that’s history in itself.

Wow! I have to imagine that there are a dozen boxing promoters sitting online and salivating over the prospect of a fourth fight. Boxing is in a strange state right now and hasn’t had a marquee heavyweight fight in a long time. I am not saying it would be a classic, but putting Holyfield vs. Bowe in the main-event is certainly marquee.

From a business standpoint I think it would sell. However, to fans like me it would be a pathetic attempt to tarnish the great memories I have of their classic fights, specifically fight #2. While they are at it, maybe they can find the fan that parachuted into the second fight and sign him up for the circus right?

Bowe was very complimentary to Holyfield throughout the interview. “The toughest fighter was Evander Holyfield, but the hardest hitting guy that I ever fought was a guy by the name of Herbie Hide. I beat him for the WBO heavyweight championship.

Riddick Bowe has only fought three times in the last sixteen years. He has won his last nine fights, including winning a unanimous decision in his last fight with Gene Pukall (18-14). Bowe’s last win by either KO or TKO came back in 2004 against Marcus Rhode.

[adinserter block=”1″]Holyfield on the other hand has been much more active since their last fight in 1995. The Real Deal fought as recently as July, defeating Brian Nielson via TKO. Specifically, Holyfield has fought 23 times since Holyfield vs. Bowe 3 going 13-7-3.

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