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Rick and Morty Season 6 Release Date Rumors, Cast, Plot and Latest News

The famous duo is coming back with their crazy adventures in Rick and Morty season 6. Rick and Morty as we know is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom, by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, which never fails to entertain us with either the non-traditional ways of the mad scientist, Rick, or the show’s sarcastic and comedic dialogues by the characters, or the unique approaches towards normal life problems.

Amazing news for the fans waiting for season 6, Adult Swim has ordered 70 more episodes of the show, back in 2018. Assuming each season to be of 10 episodes, we can hope for 4 to 5 more seasons at least. And who knows, Adult Swim might increase their orders. 

Rick and Morty usually take place in multiverses featuring different versions of the character, which gives the show an advantage of unpredictability. Rick Sanchez is a mad scientist and Morty Smith is his good-hearted grandson who is usually irritated. They both share a strong bond that gets tested and renewed over the courses of their mind-bending misadventures.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Release Date

It’s been some time since Rick and Morty season 6 was announced but now it looks like the tasks related to writing has completed as one of the writers of R&M, Alex Rubens tweeted that “Am I allowed to say we started writing Rick and Morty Season 7? (If not we didn’t and I’m not)”

After that, another writer Cody Ziglar confirmed that the writing of season 7 is finished. This means that the sixth season 6 is coming soon! 

The broadcasters have promised that there will be premier in 2022 but there are no official release dates announced yet. But we can positively expect the sixth season to maintain the gap of a year with season 5 final episode’s airdate. So the possible date could be somewhere in summer 2022.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Cast

And yes, you guessed it right Rick and Morty are going to be in season 6, which makes Justin Roiland in the lead cast as Rick as well as Morty. 

Other than Justin Roiland, we will have:

  • Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith
  • Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
  • Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, Space Beth
  • Kari Wahlgren as Jessica
  • Keith David as the President of the United States
  • Dan Harmon as Birdperson, Phoenixperson, Mr. Nimbus
  • Alison Brie as Planetina
  • Christina Ricci as Princess Poneta
  • Darren Criss as Bruce Chutback

Rick and Morty 6 Expected Plot

The only prediction we can make regarding the plot of Rick and Morty season 6, apart from the show being interesting and funny is that it is going to feature Evil Morty a lot. As in the last season Evil Morty blew up The Citadel and destroyed the Central Finite Curve, Rick(s) found a way to wall off any realities where Rick isn’t the smartest person in that universe. But Evil Rick finds a way into one of such universes where Rick isn’t the smartest.

Now, this is interesting, what could Evil Morty do in that universe and how will that affect Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty Season 6: Where to watch it?

For the people of the United States, R&M fans can watch the season as soon as it gets released on the network’s website or HBO Max only, but outside of the States, the show will be aired on a variety of different sites as HBO Max is not accessible in all countries. 



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