Ric Flair’s Wife Arrested For Assaulting Ric Flair


ricflairReports confirm that Ric Flair’s wife was arrested in a domestic dispute last night. According to police reports, Ric Flair sustained minor injuries which he claims came from the hands, feet, and teeth, of his wife Jacqueline Beems Fliehr. Mrs. Flair has been released on bond.

Jacqueline Beems is the fourth wife of Ric Flair. The two were married back in November and honeymooned on the Hulk Hogan Australian tour. This would be the fourth arrest for a member of the Ric Flair member in the last several years. Ric, as well as two of his children have been arrested for a variety of different issues going back to 2005 when Flair was arrested after a road rage incident.

The life and times of the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair are really beyond comical at this. The fall from grace for Ric Flair has been a dark discussion in the pro wrestling world for the last several years. Even before his retirement, it appeared that Flair had a real problem coming to grips with his age and the end of his career. Flair wanted to continue wrestling and living like a 1980s rock star, even though he was entering his sixties and was in financial dismay. Flair has said many times in interviews that he prefers to, “live like the Nature Boy,” regardless of financial consequences. Unfortunately this hard living has cost Ric Flair money, friends, wives, and a lot of respect.

[adinserter block=”1″]I try to avoid writing about things like this because honestly, I don’t think it is anyone’s business. However, Ric Flair changed those rules when he wrote about other people’s families in his book. Flair continues to take cheap shots even as recently as in a Shoot Interview where Flair blasted Bret Hart for his family affairs. At that point, I felt as if Flair opened the door to talk about his failed marriages, his son Reid’s problems with drugs and the law, and his financial peril. For a guy that takes so much glee in criticizing other pro wrestlers and their families, Ric Flair has taken things to a whole new level with his own troubles.

I can tell you that privately, there are quite a few people that aren’t surprised by this. Flair had a very messy divorce with his third wife Tiffany in 2008. Flair has openly voiced his displeasure of the marriage and alimony payments to Tiffany. Even Ric Flair’s closest friends took a double-turn when Flair announced his new marriage last November. For a guy that was just recently taken to the cleaners by his third wife and was already in financial troubles, nobody could comprehend why Ric Flair would want to even risk another messy divorce and alimony payment at his age.

[adinserter block=”2″]Nobody has publicly talked about exactly what went down between Ric Flair and his wife that led to the domestic dispute. Knowing Ric’s reputation, one could easily presume that the argument had something to do with either money or an extra-curricular activity that Ric has been known for in his prior married years (and after all, he is the “dirtiest player in the game”). Regardless of the reasons, I cannot even begin to tell you the public hit that Ric Flair has taken over the last several years due to incidents like this. All of his great years inside of the wrestling ring have been forgotten in exchange for a wrestler that is looking more and more like Randy the Ram with each day that goes by.

I just hope the next time that Ric Flair wants to criticize the house of someone else that he takes a hard look inside of his own.

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