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Ric Flair Reportedly Returning On Monday’s WWE RAW

The dirtiest player in the game is coming home. A new report indicates that the final piece of Evolution will make his presence known this Monday night on WWE RAW. Ric Flair is scheduled to appear in the go-home show to Extreme Rules.

[adinserter block=”1″]A new report confirms that Ric Flair is scheduled to return to Monday Night RAW. This conflicts against an earlier report last week which indicated that Flair would not be a part of the Evolution angle. While it is not confirmed that he will be a part of the angle, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where he is going to fit into the show.

This doesn’t surprise me regardless of the earlier reports about Flair not being involved. I noticed that Flair was in quite a bit of that video recapping Evolution’s first run on RAW Monday. If Flair wasn’t going to be involved, they could have easily edited him out of the video. I figured something was up once I saw him all over that video.

The earlier report about Flair not being involved was based around his breakdown during the WrestleMania 30 weekend. The WWE Network aired a live Legends of Wrestling special which included Flair on the panel. At one point Flair broke down in tears and according to the earlier report, the company was concerned about Flair’s stability on live television.

I have to wonder if the change of heart is due to a bad rating on Monday night. The RAW rating dropped dramatically and I have to think that there is a bit of panic in the towers. Quite honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with the Evolution vs. Shield angle because I think the story has been great. At the same time involving Flair can only enhance what is already a great story.

My hunch and it’s only a hunch is that Evolution will turn on Flair. Otherwise Flair will be sticking around as a regular character which is something I’d enjoy seeing. I just find it hard to believe that the company will shift gears that drastically within a week regarding Flair. Either way I am just glad we get to see him back and I hope it is for more than a week.

[adinserter block=”2″]I can only hope that they are going to show Flair a little more respect than his previous returns to RAW. Sticking Flair with The Miz on his last run had to be one of the low points of Flair’s WWE career. It was a big disappointment for most fans who were expecting big things from the former champion after his lengthy absence. I’d say it can’t get much worse than the Miz but unfortunately we all now…it can.

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  1. Eric, I have to say your hunch can go a long way. Them
    turning on Flair would only strengthen Evaluation’s resolve, they can simply say it was all Flairs idea to boot Orton out of Evolution in the first place. However, I really hope he hangs around as the mouth piece of the group. Because when this angle is over and the attention starts to shift sooner or later the greatest talker of all time will have to go head to head with the new greatest mic worker of this era in Paul Heyman and I personally would love to hear them two go at it. It would be a classic manager vs manager type situation and it
    would be great. Well thats just my hunch anyway.
    Great article as always Eric…

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