Ric Flair Not Under WWE Contract…Yet

The WWE Universe welcomed Ric Flair the second they saw him strut out on the Slammys during WWE RAW. Unfortunately that welcome may be a bit premature as new reports indicate that Flair only appeared on a one-show deal.

Dave Meltzer broke the story with plenty of details on his latest podcast. Meltzer reported that Flair’s deal with the WWE was only for the Slammys show. Flair’s non-compete with TNA Wrestling expired in September and he has been free clear ever since. However, a lawsuit hanging over the WWE offices with TNA has precluded Flair from coming in full time.

This contradicts what Meltzer had earlier reported on Tuesday. Meltzer reported that he spoke with WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt who told Meltzer that they (the WWE) were no longer worried about the lawsuit. Meltzer reported that McDevitt felt that since TNA had not done anything to advance the suit, that the company was safe in bringing back Flair. Meltzer also reported that the WWE felt confident that the suit was baseless. Unfortunately the only thing baseless here was apparently the bad information that filtered to Meltzer.

The good news here is that the plan here is to bring in Flair at some point full-time. It was obvious on Tuesday’s SmackDown that there are plans to continue using Flair. CM Punk spent the majority of his promo on Tuesday talking about Ric Flair. The fact that you’d have the world champion spending all of this time talking about someone tells me that there are plans at some point for something between Flair and Punk, although it is highly doubtful that it would be a match.

I think there are a lot of possibilities here that the WWE could have with Flair. The obvious would be making him RAW or SmackDown (or both) General Manager. It has been a long time since that G.M. role has had anyone meaningful behind it. That whole authority figure character has grown stale. Flair could certainly rejuvenate it and help get some of angles and characters over that could use a little bit of a boost.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Flair out until post-WrestleMania. The WWE is already stacked with storylines through WrestleMania with The Rock vs. John Cena and CM Punk. My guess is that the WWE proceeds with business without Flair until everything plays out and brings in the Nature Boy full time as soon as WrestleMania wraps up.


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