Ric Flair Getting a Free Ride


For those that don’t know, Ric Flair’ son Reid was arrested for a third time a couple of weeks ago. Reid has been charged twice with driving while impaired. Heroin was also found in Reid’s car. The yellow elephant in the room seems to be Ric Flair. Where is Ric Flair the father in all of this?

Reid made his pro wrestling debut late last year. Reid was trained by Harley Race and currently trains with his father. Reid wrestles regularly in the Carolinas, often managed by his father Ric. A week after his last arrest, Reid wrestled once again managed by his dad. At this point you have to begin to question what the hell Ric Flair is doing encouraging his son to get into the business when he is so obviously in need of help.

[adinserter block=”1″]In an interview last year, Ric broke down crying when he proclaimed that Reid had, “a little bit too much of the Nature Boy in him.” This has not stopped him from pushing his son to the WWE. In fact, Ric Flair spent a great deal of last year pushing a reality show on the basis of dad and son, two partying bachelors living together.

Quite honestly it was a little disturbing to see Reid with his father back in the ring so soon. I have to wonder if the Nature Boy is in a bit of denial here. As soon as I read the word heroin, I knew this was a bad situation. This isn’t something that just goes away. Reid is in need of some serious help and getting back in the wrestling ring with the Nature Boy probably isn’t recommended.

God bless Jim Ross. Jim Ross is the first high-profile WWE talent to speak about Reid. J.R. wrote, “The drunk driving matter is a serious issue but the heroin business takes this matter into an entirely new level of severity. Reid needs extensive, professional help immediately and he needs to take that help seriously, as in life or death serious. I think being in the wrestling business should be the furtherest thing from Reid’s mind right now and quite honestly the wrestling biz simply might not be the right vocation for the son of arguably the greatest in ring performer of all time.”

I went back and read the passages in Ric’s own autobiography on the Von Erichs. The Von Erich boys had a well-documented problem with drugs during their career. “Drugs-not wrestling-killed the Von Erichs. I also wish that Fritz had opened his eyes and held his kids accountable for their behavior. If he had, I think those boys would still be alive.” Ironically Ric wrote the following about the Von Erich’s father, Fritz. “Fritz wouldnt recognize the problem. He was in denial. His enabling his ridiculous levels.”

Ric needs to start taking his own advice. Many in the wrestling business are concerned for Reid and some are very bothered by Ric’s denial. Reid has become untouchable to the WWE. The kid seems very smart and well-educated. I don’t think anyone would think any less of Ric and Reid if they disappeared from the business for awhile. After all is said and done, people are rooting for the Nature Boy and his son and not against them.

[adinserter block=”2″]On the other hand, Ric continues to hurt his reputation and legacy by continuing to look past this behavior. Some of Ric’s biggest fans in the business have been bothered by Ric’s actions after he retired last year. Ric can sit on a couch and brag about wrestling Bruiser Brody for an hour all he wants. God forbid something happens to his son, and Ric Flair’s legacy won’t only be remembered for his 60-minute draws. It is time for Ric Flair to do the right thing and take care of his business before the business.

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  1. Thanks man. You know, I started ranting about it a bit on my radio show last week. I decided to go back into Flair's book and I thought his comments on the Von Erichs were pretty ironic. I have lost a lot of respect for Flair since he left the WWE. He is probably one of my all time favorites in the ring, but he is becoming hard to take outside of the ring.

  2. I think you're on the right track here. I've had the same thoughts about Flair and he seems very interested in continuing to make as much money as possible. Not to say he doesn't care about his son's well being, because I'm sure he loves him a lot, but it's just odd how Flair can continue through his obligations in what would seem like a moment to put life on hold and get things together.


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