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Ric Flair Ends His Podcast and That Is a Shame

It didn’t take long for Ric Flair to jump into the podcasting world and dominate his peers with Wooooo Nation! Flair is now on hiatus which is a huge loss to a pro wrestling podcasting genre that needed something different.

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Flair has not posted a new podcast to the Wooooo Nation! page in weeks. Flair’s last podcast was a live event from WrestleMania 32 with repeat guests David Manning and Gene Okerlund. Flair’s mysterious absence was answered recently by his co-host Conrad Thompson and the news isn’t good.

Most speculation points to money and Flair wanting to renegotiate his contract with CBS Sports, although nobody has confirmed it from what I see. I don’t know what the economics are of the podcast but it’s highly disappointing news. Flair’s podcasts were the most honest from anyone at his level in the industry and the most entertaining of the genre.

I would say that Stone Cold Steve Austin broke this world wide open as the most notable star to have a regular podcast. Austin was soon followed by Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Taz, Jesse Venture, and Vince Russo among others. But it was Flair’s that shook things up and delivered the candid podcast we have all been waiting for from someone in his class.

Flair’s podcast was the best! It didn’t matter who Flair was talking to, I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation at a bar between Flair and his guest. Ric Flair just flat out didn’t care what he said and who he offended. He was careful in spots but overall he was about as straight of a shooter as you’d find on the podcasts.

Flair’s stories were without a doubt the greatest coming from anyone in the genre. It was rare for Flair not to drop some kind of wacky story in an episode. Flair’s stories ranged from legendary fist fights some we have and others we haven’t heard of, tales from his womanizing days which were often times self-deprecating, his frustrations with previous bookers like Jim Herd, to ribs and oh yes, lots of ribs, to his territorial travels. With all due respect to his peers behind the microphone, you weren’t getting these tales from anyone else. Nobody else had over 40-years of anecdotes to choose from.

It wasn’t just the stories, it was the honesty in Flair’s podcasts. No matter who the guest or what the topic was, Flair was able to crowbar a rant about marriage almost weekly into his podcasts. As a happily married man I found them hilarious.

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There were the candid stories never told before outside of the ring like the time his ex-wife Beth allegedly almost left him in the middle of a body of water. Maybe the most gripping was a story about his ex-wife threatening to take his baby daughter Ashleigh (Charlotte in the WWE) and leave him. Flair says he was out with JJ Dillon and their wives and the night ended with a threat from his wife. A drunken Flair found his way home, crawled underneath his daughter’s crib, and slept there all night to make sure his daughter wasn’t taken. You aren’t getting those stories anywhere else.

Ric Flair has certainly earned the right to conduct business however he sees fit and whether he is right or wrong I can tell you this. In a similar parallel to his legendary career in the ring, Flair went 60-minutes and delivered his best every week. And just like those 60-minute classics of the 80s, I want more. Hopefully this gets worked out and Flair finds himself back behind the microphone because I want more Flair…just like the 80s.

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