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Rhyno and Brian Myers Returning to WWE

WWE fans everywhere are soon to be in for a special treat as Brian Myers (some may remember him as Curt Hawkins) and Rhyno are slated to be back on the main roster. Absent from the WWE since 2014, Myers has been working in the Indies, while making use of his birth name. For his part, Rhyno has been performing for the NXT where he just recently competed against current champion Samoa Joe. Both wrestlers still have quite a following, so their return to the WWE is welcome news.

The current schedule has both of these stars performing for Smackdown Live. As is this nature of the business, however, those plans are always subject to change. With other former stars from the WWE rumored to be coming back, these are the only two that have been confirmed at this time. It is notable to mention that Rhyno and Myers will literally be joining forces as a tag-team duo. Their role will be to get some excitement back to the Smackdown Live event, as well as to nurture and bring along young talent under their wings. There is even talk about bringing back the squash match to the next edition of Smackdown, which should excite long time fans.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

While Rhyno has not been a regular wrestling fixture for the WWE in more than ten years, his legacy remains. He is looking forward to bringing back his glory days. Myers was the more recent departure of the two, having just left two years ago to pursue his own independent promotions. He debuted with the WWE back in 2007, even winning a tag team championship with Zack Ryder at one stage. He is also remembered for his training sessions with The Rock prior to him making returns at set intervals to wrestle long time greats such as John Cena and CM Punk.

For his part, Rhyno came on the scene with ECW back in the late 1990s and going into the early 2000s. It was from 2001-2005 that we began to wow fans of the WWE with his athleticism and energetic presence in the right. From his days in the WWE, he went on to complete with the TNA, Ring of Honor, and for several other different promotions. He began wrestling in earnest again last year, when he appeared on Monday Night Raw in December. It was at that time that he was right alongside such legends of the ECW as the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer.

With the return of Myers and Rhyno, Smackdown Live just became one of the most anticipated events of the year. If the WWE can add some more legends to the lineup, it will be even more so. This is good for the brand, great for the fans, and speaks well of the future.

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